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Breaking stereotypes about Breastfeeding

Talking about real-life heroes, a support group by the name of Breastfeeding Support for Indian Mothers (BSIM) is doing its bit to promote the practice of breastfeeding in India. Founded by Adhunika Prakash, in June 2013 it is trying to make public breastfeeding a ‘normal’ and ‘accepted’ practice. In a[Read More…]

Google, Facebook are blocking extremist content

Online platforms like YouTube, Google and Facebook are eliminating violent propaganda content, like Islamic State videos for example, on direction from the US government. They are deploying unique digital footprints called “hashes” that are assigned to specific videos and can subsequently detect similar content. This content is removed rapidly. The[Read More…]

Instagram plans to add translate button soon

Instagram on Wednesday announced a new translation button. Rolling out “in the coming month,” the function will appear on image captions, comments and profile bios written in a language different from your own. The photo-sharing network will structure its translations similar to its parent company Facebook. So, now when you come across a[Read More…]

Using Facebook at work can be rewarding!

A study by the Pew Research Centre reveals that social media can act as a stress-buster at work as browsing helps take a mental break.  Further, it offers the potential to enhance worker productivity by “fostering connections with colleagues and resources around the globe”. The researchers surveyed 2,003 adults in[Read More…]

Mark Zuckerberg to get more control over Facebook

Facebook has approved the creation of 5.7 billion new shares of Class C stock that will keep its CEO Mark Zuckerberg in control as long as he is associated with the firm. The decision, taken at its annual shareholders’ meeting on Monday, gives Zuckerberg power to give away his wealth[Read More…]

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