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Google staff protests worldwide against workplace harassment

Google staff protests worldwide against workplace harassment

San Francisco: Six months after they staged a walkout against workplace harassment, Google employees are staging sit-in protest at the IT major’s offices across the world on Wednesday. The group “Google Walkout For Real Change” announced the sit-in protest on Twitter. “From being told to go on sick leave when[Read More…]

Google workers can report harassment on new website

San Francisco: Facing campus walkouts and widespread criticism over workplace harassment, Google has announced a dedicated website to make it easier for workers to report harassment. “We’ve simplified and clarified the way employees can raise concerns by bringing multiple channels together on a new dedicated site,” Melonie Parker, Global Director[Read More…]

FB slammed for banning breast cancer non-profit's ads

Facebook announces first browser API for Google Chrome

San Francisco: Social networking giant Facebook has announced its first major API contribution to Googles Chrome browser that is focused on making user experience smoother and faster shortening the time between a click or keystroke and the browser reacting to that. In computer programming, API is a set of functions[Read More…]

Newspapers shut but Google made $4.7bn from news in 2018

Google diversity chief Danielle Brown leaves amid controversies

San Francisco: Google’s Chief Diversity Officer, Danielle Brown is leaving the company amid a series of controversies, including unrest over workplace issues. Brown would be replaced by Melonie Parker, who’s been serving as the company’s head of diversity, equity and inclusion. Following a year full of controversy — including the[Read More…]

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