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Madhushala in the age of prohibition

“Musalman o hindu hain do, ek, magar, unka pyala, Ek, magar, unka madiralaya, ek , magar, unki hala, Dono rehte ek na jab tak masjid mandir mein jaate, Bair badhate masjid mandir mel karati madhushal ।” Many of us, poetry lovers, have enjoyed these lines of “Madhushala” sung by Manna[Read More…]

Tax Free Wings

Women’s empowerment by far is one the most vexed issues in any nation. However developed or underdeveloped, liberal or conservative a nation may be, the difficulty with empowering women is a challenge that cannot simply be tackled by any government by fiscal and legal provisions like in the case of[Read More…]

New age militancy and the state response to the growing violence in Kashmir

Guns or Roses – A choice Kashmir has to make

“A stone pelter is pelting stones for his nation.”  Farooq Abdullah “Indian government should resume talks with Pakistan or be ready to lose Kashmir.”  Farooq Abdullah “Valley is losing faith in Indian Democracy.”  Karan Thapar It has become a fashion for the elite intellectuals of India to lambast every policy[Read More…]

What ails the Indian millennials?

Millennials, or the generation Y, following the generation X can largely be defined as the generation born from the early 1980s to early 2000s. In other words the millennials are today’s adults. India with its largest youth population enjoys a great demographic dividend that puts it at enviable position of[Read More…]

Goa: BJP MLA Lobo complaints over beef-shortage, blames ‘gau-rakshaks’ for same

Both Sides Guilty?

The family of Pehlu Khan has been claiming that they had the valid documents for the transit of the cattle. However this claim has been rejected by the Home Minister.

Witch hunt against Chidambaram and family still alive

So here are some facts. The Aircel-Maxis case has been quashed by Judge O P Saini in February this year. Therefore, any rational person would think that there is no further investigation is possible. Hence, Monday’s news reports that the CBI will file a status report on the Aircel-Maxis case on[Read More…]

An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of India

An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of India

Dear Sir, I am writing this Open letter to you with the confidence that even a young person can approach you directly. In India, we follow the age-old tradition that if a member of the family errs, it is better to approach the Head of the Family to resolve the[Read More…]

Jallikattu: A Sport, A Ban and An Angry Tamil!

An old quote by Thomas Wolfe reads, “Culture is the Arts elevated to a set of Beliefs.” The recent ban on “Jallikattu” a sport that has often been equated to the exuberance of the ancient Tamil culture and a symbol of Tamil pride has evoked a wide range of comments[Read More…]

An Open Letter to Arvind Kejriwal

Dear Mr Kejriwal, As kids we were taught the adage, “A bad workman blames his tools.” So in the blame game that you have recently launched against the BJP-led MCD over the current health emergency, as usual it’s the common man that suffers. Let’s get one thing straight Mr CM…Delhi[Read More…]

My Seditious taste for Indo-Pak peace

Over the past few days, Indian actress Ramya has been under fire for speaking in favour of our neighbours. So atrocious were her words that there is a case of “Sedition” filed against her. Her crime: To speak a truth that is unwanted in the Indian diaspora currently. I am[Read More…]

Lives lost, Kashmir still burning

Another day of curfew, another day of violence, another day of uncertainty, another day of horror, another day of miseries…that’s what the fate of the people of Kashmir has become these days. Can you imagine living in a place where you will go out of your house but you are[Read More…]

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