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Chicken poop could replace coal in electricity generation

Treated excrement from chickens, turkeys and other poultry, when converted to combustible solid biomass fuel, could replace coal as a renewable energy source, says a study. The study, published in the journal Applied Energy, showed that treated poultry excrement could replace approximately 10 per cent of coal used in electricity[Read More…]

Delhi: Assam girl asked to vacate house or pay 10k rent amid lockdown

Are you depressed? This probably be the reason!

In a study by University of Central Florida, it has been found that a gene variant, believed to be carried by nearly 25% of the population, increases the odds of getting depressed. The study found that people with apolipoprotein-E4 (ApoE4) have a 20% greater chance of developing clinically significant depressive symptoms[Read More…]

Demonetisation effect! Card transactions rose by 90%, says study

Card based transactions has risen up to 90 per cent of total sales in third quarter of 2016-17 post demonetisation, India Ratings and Research (Ind- Ra) on Friday said. “Contrary to the popular belief, organised fashion retailers (departmental stores) have bucked the impact of demonetisation. “…most of these departmental stores[Read More…]

More sex can boost women’s memory, shows study

The benefits of sex are just not limited to pleasure derived from intercourse but there is lot more.  And the newest surprise concerning sex is good news for women. A study shows that having more sex means better memory for women. According to the research, the penile-vaginal sexual intercourse boosts[Read More…]

New HIV cure on the brink after monkey study

Scientists may have found a way to suppress an HIV-like infection in monkeys, without the need for ongoing drug therapy. The researchers added antibody therapy to standard drug treatment given to macaque monkeys infected with simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV). After three months, the animals were taken off the drugs, but[Read More…]

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