Taimur Ali Khan playing the guitar is the cutest thing you will see!
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Taimur Ali Khan playing the guitar is the cutest thing you will see!

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s adorable little boy, Taimur has been a favourite with the paparazzi since the day he was born. And slowly but steadily, he too has learnt the ropes of getting familiar with the paps. From him telling the shutterbugs to call him ‘Tim’ to waving towards them, he’s clearly a favourite with the photographers.

Now, he gives us one more reason to adore him all the more. A video of Taimur playing the ukulele with Kareena’s cousin Zahan Kapoor is going viral. Well, it surely has all the ingredients to make it to the most loved videos of the season. For starters, the fact that Taimur is oh-so-adorable, and of course, he plays the ukulele like a pro. Here’s the video:

At that age, we had no idea to even hold a guitar, leave alone playing one! Taimur is definitely turning out to be one smart kid. Recently, the little one beat Kiara Advani in a running race on the sets of Good News.

Mommy Kareena Kapoor Khan often gets trolled and called a ‘careless mother’ for not taking enough care of Taimur. Recently, on her radio show What Women Want, she gave it back to those trolling her. She said, “I have to address one thing… recently I got trolled on a photo where I was getting into a private jet… and the trolling was about how apparently, I’m a careless mother who’s letting my kid be brought up by nannies. To you judgmental folks, who know nothing about my life, please note that there’s a finger I’m showing you in my mind right now.”

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