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Use Your Common Sense Day 2023: History, Activities, FAQs, Dates, and Facts

"The applied knowledge of simple, sensible things" is common sense, which includes refraining from placing metal in microwaves or jumping into rivers without understanding what lies beneath.

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Use Your Common Sense Day 2023 History, Activities, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Thomas Paine's Common Sense pamphlet

Use Your Common Sense Day 2023: Employ Common Sense Day is annually observed on November 4, as common sense is a vital component of daily existence. “The applied knowledge of simple, sensible things” is common sense, which includes refraining from placing metal in microwaves or jumping into rivers without understanding what lies beneath. It is also on this date that Will Rogers, the individual who said “common sense ain’t that common” was born. It is crucial that we never lose sight of the significance of exercising rationality in our daily lives and choices so as to circumvent avoidable perils and capitalize on advantageous circumstances. This appears to be a pet peeve of many in the era of social media: the abandonment of common sense. There are even demands for common sense-stimulating subjects to be included in U.S. school curricula, given that so few students appear to employ it.

Use Your Common Sense Day History

The notion of common sense, which has its roots in antiquity, was initially popularized by the renowned philosopher Aristotle. He defined it as the capacity by which animals (and humans) alike utilize memories, sense perceptions, and imagination to arrive at a variety of conclusions. According to him, genuine reasoned thought is unique to humans and transcends common sense. This notion was subsequently expanded upon in the Roman interpretation, which asserts that the possession of concepts such as ideas and perceptions elevates humans beyond creatures in sophistication.

René Descartes, a French philosopher, coined the term “common sense” and its associated controversies when he said that although all individuals possess an equivalent and sufficient quantity of it, it is seldom applied effectively.

The term “common sense” has been employed rhetorically since the Age of Enlightenment, serving as a source of scientific and logical axioms and a benchmark for good taste.

Modern usage defines common sense as “the rudimentary degree of practical knowledge and discernment that every individual must possess in order to lead a rational and secure existence.” Undoubtedly, the application of common sense can avert a multitude of complications.

The instigator of Common Sense Day is the motivational speaker, blogger, and author Bud Bilanich. He has appeared in a number of top-tier magazines and television programs, and his nineteenth book emphasizes the importance of common sense in achieving success in life. In 2015, Common Sense Day was initially observed.

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Use Your Common Sense Day 2023 FAQs

When was the first celebration of common sense held?

It appears that the inaugural observance of Use Your Common Sense Day occurred in 2015.

When is it not common wisdom to use it?

Due to the contemporary emphasis on enlightenment, a purely theoretical endeavor, what is considered common sense (and which is frequently more practical) is becoming less prevalent.

Do you possess common sense by birth?

Your cognitive capacity and life experiences collectively instill in you the ability to form sound judgments; therefore, common sense is not an innate quality.

Use Your Common Sense Day 2023 Activities

Invest time in self-reflection.

Having a novel perspective on the events of the past is a worthwhile activity for the present day. This will assist you in identifying areas where errors were preventable and in making more informed decisions moving forward.

Laugh, disregard the situation, and continue.

When you do make that silly error, simply chuckle it off, consider it a learning experience, and move on. We are all susceptible to moments of irrationality; therefore, the most effective remedy is to employ levity and resolve to make a more prudent decision in the future.

Host an evening of common-sense memes.

Laugh heartily at the foolish things that others do, and converse about how to avoid committing similar errors in the future.

Five fascinating facts about Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” pamphlet

It influenced the American Revolution in part.

The expository and intellectually stimulating content of the 47-page pamphlet inspired individuals to actively participate in the American Revolution.

Extremely renowned across the nation

Widely sold and disseminated, it was frequently read aloud in taverns and gathering places.

Extensively replicated

More than 500,000 copies were produced of it throughout the American Revolution.

The most widely read literature in the nation

It had the highest sales and circulation in relation to the population at the time, surpassing all other books published in American history.

Most-sold publication in America

It continues to be published and holds the distinction of being the best-selling American title of all time as of 2006.


Year Date Day
2023 November 4 Saturday
2024 November 4 Monday
2025 November 4 Tuesday
2026 November 4 Wednesday
2027 November 4 Thursday