Vadodara: 70-year-old man bites back snake after reptile bit him first; dies
Beyond Metros, Gujarat

Vadodara: 70-year-old man bites back snake after reptile bit him first; dies

In a strange and rather bizarre incident, a 70-year-old man died in an attempt to bite back the snake after the reptile bit him first.

Resident of Ajanwa village of Gujarat’s Mahisagar district, Parvat Gala Baria, was reportedly working in his farm on Saturday when a snake bit him. The farmer literally spewed venom on the reptile for its act, and blind with rage picked it and put it in his mouth.

He not only bit the snake back, but also tried to eat it.

According to the media reports, victim’s daughter-in-law Leela Baria said that she heard about it from a relative who was witness to Baria’s act. “The relative took the snake and burnt it, but brought the remains along with my father-in-law to the hospital,” she said.

The victim was first rushed to the government hospital at Lunawada, but sent to a private hospital and from there to Godhra civil hospital, where he died after four hours of shunting around hospitals.

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In a similar incident, a man in Indore bit off a snake’s head after it slithered into his mouth while he was asleep. Raghuvanshi, a resident of Kulkarni Ka Bhatta in the city, was in deep sleep when the snake entered his mouth.

He didn’t realise what had happened until his mother Rampyari entered his room and noticed that there was blood all over his face, and the snake wriggling on the floor. The man was immediately taken to the hospital and given medical treatment.

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