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Vapid FMJ in GTA Online: Is it a Worthy Purchase After the Halloween 2023 Update?

his two-seater supercar draws inspiration from the 2017 Ford GT. Nevertheless, in the year 2023.

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Vapid FMJ in GTA Online

Vapid FMJ in GTA Online: Multiple GTA Online vehicles are now eligible for enticing discounts from Rockstar Games in retaliation for the game’s most recent Halloween 2023 update. Players have until October 18, 2023 to acquire the Vapid FMJ at a 40% discount, for a total of $1,050,000, out of all available options. This two-seater supercar draws inspiration from the 2017 Ford GT. Nevertheless, in the year 2023, a considerable number of vehicles have been introduced to the game subsequent to its initial release, which raises the question of its practicality.

Having said that, let’s examine the Vapid FMJ and its efficacy in Grand Theft Auto Online, as evaluated by the renowned analyst Broughy1322. This will aid in determining whether or not to purchase this vehicle.

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Vapid FMJ in the Halloween 2023 update to Grand Theft Auto Online: A Visual Analysis

In comparison to other supercars in the game, the Vapid FMJ has a distinctive futuristic appearance, particularly in the hood scoops, side profile, tire rims, and rear quarter arches. The supercar’s body components also seem to have been influenced by the designs of the Aston Martin Vulcan and Ferrari 488.

The visual attributes of this two-door vehicle contribute to its wedge-shaped profile:

Vapid FMJ in GTA Online: Front body

Extra-large carbon fiber splitterA substantial inlet on the bumper tipA modern set of LED beams or headlightsThe canopy features dual intakes and a manufacturer’s emblem.

Side Body

Thin exit ventsLarge intakesA set of carbon-fiber strips on side skirtsCurve-shaped windshield with grey-colored A-pillarsColored rear-view mirror shellsSlanted upper finsNarrower engine bay with slatted vents.

Vapid FMJ in GTA Online: Rear body

A large-sized rear spoiler with a central brake lightThe manufacturer’s emblem on a concave centerA set of outer circular-shaped market lightsA set of inner C-shaped lights for the brakeA license plateTwo large-sized exit ventsCarbon-plated underside.

One of the initial vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Online to feature a dedicated interior featuring a more compact dial set comprising a speedometer, tachometer, and gasoline gauge is the Vapid FMJ.

In 2023, how does the Vapid FMJ perform?

Similar to numerous ultra-fast vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Online, the Vapid FMJ is powered by a six-speed transmission and a twin-cam V8 engine with rear-wheel drive. It is capable of attaining a staggering maximum speed of 125,00 mph (201,17 km/h) and possesses respectable acceleration. This enables the vehicle to accomplish a lap in 1:01.795.

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In addition, players are capable of executing sharp turns at high velocities due to its excellent traction and turning radius. Despite its occasional tendency to spiral out of control, the FMJ is one of the most suitable vehicles for getaways in GTA Online Halloween 2023.


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