After varsity suppression, BHU students face fresh oppression, alleges student body

Students of Varanasi’s Banaras Hindu University (BHU) are fighting against the oppressive stand taken by the vice chancellor of the university for the past few months, the university’s student body has alleged.

Students claim that they have been demanding to keep the cyber library of the university open round the clock but the university has paid no heed to it.

And if the university turning a blind eye to the student’s grievances wasn’t enough, the students further allege that the RSS has now problematised the situation further.

According to the student body statement doing the rounds in the campus, the RSS has been ill-treating the students.

“RSS has completely infiltrated into the BHU campus and are ill-treating students. Democracy, gender equality & social justice have been crushed entirely. Girls are not allowed to use phones after 10 PM. They are not allowed to eat non veg as it’s against ‘Malviya Mulya’ while no such restrictions on boys. Students are being suspended or rusticated if they use their Democratic right to protest. Requesting you to please support the #SaveBHUfromRSS movement on social media. We will run a hashtag #SaveBHUfromRSS from 9 AM onwards. Kindly tweet using the #. Please support us in our fight for our rights!”, read the statement.

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