Watch: Tamil Nadu's elderly couple fights back armed robbers with chair, slippers
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Watch: Tamil Nadu’s elderly couple fights back armed robbers with chair, slippers

A video has gone viral on social media inviting bundles of appreciation for an elderly couple who bravely fought back armed robbers with plastic chairs and slippers. The incident happened late on Sunday and was captured on CCTV cameras, at the couple’s home near Kadayam in Tamil Nadu.

As per the reports, two masked robbers carrying machetes sneaked into the home of 70-year-old Shanmugavel and 65-year-old Senthamarai.

The CCTV footage shows a masked man comes from behind and puts a piece of cloth around the neck of the man in an attempt to strangulate him. An unsuspecting Shanmugavel fights off the machete-wielding man with the cloth still around his neck. As he struggles, shouts and kicks the man, his wife comes out running. This is when another intruder is seen in the CCTV footage.

She began hurling things at the duo — footwear, buckets and plastic chairs. Freeing himself, Shanmugavel also threw himself with gusto into the attack against the two armed men. The couple waged an unrelenting battle against the criminals for a couple of minutes, forcing the duo to flee.

The woman on her right arm got a cuts and event lost a gold chain weighing 33 grams amid the tussle. Reports claimed that said the elderly couple lived all by themselves and the incident took place around 9 pm on Sunday. Though the police have registered a case, no arrests have been made yet.

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