अब आप न्यूज्ड हिंदी में पढ़ सकते हैं। यहाँ क्लिक करें


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The recent developments of a member of Parliament slippering a commoner needs to be taken as an eye – opener for the country. To vote a person must be an Indian and 18 years of age. A voter however is only a person of interest till the elections are done. The elected representative by and large is supposed to purposefully decide in the benefit of the larger interests and hence he is a person of interest for the next 5 years. It’s important that now we begin to re-think our Constitutional privilege of having elected representatives who are worth their vote.

It’s time to now re-think on having elected representatives who are well trained for the field. After all if a lawyer has  to give an exam and work as an intern under a senior advocate and an engineer needs adequate training in his field, why then should our politicians not be trained and have a fair degree of training before they stand for elections?

We need politicians who respect the dignity of their office and maintain the sanctity of the Parliament as an institution. Politicians are required to have a good reputation and must at the very least be socially acceptable.

Is it not high time that we have a formal institution that trains the Members of Parliament before and after they are elected? There are many who may have their excellent degrees but some don’t bother or find the need to because for them they already have the people’s mandate.

Sadly, the Member of Parliament who manhandled and degraded the AI official, was not the first. There have been various other MPs and MLAs caught on tape for misbehaving with the very people they are supposed to represent. Earlier we had a school child caught on tape tying the shoe lace of a sitting legislator. In another incident a female constable was beaten up in broad daylight for stopping a legislator’s vehicle for driving and talking on the cellphone.

It’s time that we look at introducing a generation of legislators who are respectful to  each other and the citizens of the country.

It’s important to lay down basic qualifications for MPs and MLAs to ensure that we have a polished and refined representation of the Indian citizenry seated in the hallowed halls of the Parliament.

It is also important that the Speaker of the House must take suo motu cognizance of the  incidents that are backed up with evidence like the ones caught on tape. This will act as a deterrent for others in the tribe erring perpetually.

If we are to see our legislators on the streets acting detrimental to the societal norms then we might as well provide tickets to jail birds only. at least we’ll stand justified there. Harsh as it may sound we must ensure that incidents involving violence by a sitting legislator must be reprimanded.

We as a nation need to rethink the quality of legislators we are electing and if the Constitutional provisions pertaining to the qualifications of legislators is really Enough.

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