What is Cyclone Fani & how was it named?

The Odisha government is likely to begin the evacuation of people affected by cyclone Fani from May 2 as the severe cyclonic storm is heading to make landfall on the state’s coast, according to an official.

How was Cyclone Fani named?

The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has devised a mechanism where various countries submit a list of names from time to time, and it is this pool from which the name is chosen on a circular basis. The regions are divided on where the countries are situated, the regions are as follows:

North Atlantic – Eastern Pacific, Central Pacific, Western Pacific, North Indian Ocean
Southern Atlantic – South-West Indian Ocean, Australian region, Southern Pacific, South Atlantic

India falls under the Northern Indian Ocean tropical region.

For tropical cyclones developing in the North Indian Ocean, countries include India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan and Thailand who suggest the names to the regional tropical cyclone committee.

Here is a list of latest names submitted by the countries

List Contributing nation
Bangladesh India Maldives Myanmar Oman Pakistan Sri Lanka Thailand
1 Onil Agni Hibaru Pyarr Baaz Fanoos Mala Mukda
2 Ogni Akash Gonu Yemyin Sidr Nargis Rashmi Khai-Muk
3 Nisha Bijli Aila Phyan Ward Laila Bandu Phet
4 Giri Jal Keila Thane Murjan Nilam Viyaru Phailin
5 Helen Lehar Madi Nanauk Hudhud Nilofar Ashobaa Komen
6 Chapala Megh Roanu Kyant Nada Vardah Maarutha Mora
7 Ockhi Sagar Mekunu Daye Luban Titli Gaja Phethai
8 Fani Vayu Hikaa Kyarr Maha Bulbul Pawan Amphan

What does the word Fani means?

The word Fani means snake.

The names given by India are as follows: Agni, Akash, Bijli, Jal, Lehar, Megh, Sagar and Vayu

“The main purpose of naming a tropical cyclone is basically for people to easily understand and remember the tropical cyclone in a region, thus to facilitate tropical cyclone disaster risk awareness, preparedness, management and reduction,” says the WMO.

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