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World Belly Dance Day 2023: Date, History, Significance and Facts

Belly Dance has a lengthy, celebrated history in numerous nations. It is known for its intricate movements of the pelvis and torso, as well as its elaborate costumes. In Egypt, where the dance most likely originated, the 'bedlah' is the most prevalent style of dress.

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World Belly Dance Day 2023: Date, History, Significance and Facts

World Belly Dance Day 2023: World Belly Dance Day, observed on May 13 this year, is always observed on the second Saturday of May. It is one of the most revered dance styles in the world. It has a lengthy, celebrated history in numerous nations. Also, it is known for its intricate movements of the pelvis and torso, as well as its elaborate costumes. In Egypt, where the dance most likely originated, the ‘bedlah’ is the most prevalent style of dress. Typically, it consists of a fitted top or bra, a hip belt, and a long skirt or harem trousers. Occasionally, full-length dresses are worn, particularly when dancing in earthier styles. Additionally, there are tribal-style costumes that incorporate elements of traditional folkloric costumes from around the globe. This includes circle skirts, pantaloons, and turbans or flower- or feather-adorned headdresses.


European travellers to the Middle East in the 18th and 19th centuries wrote extensively about the performers they observed there. They had observed the Egyptian courtesans Awalim, who were predominantly musicians and poets, and the Ghawazi. In his book, Andrew Hammond writes, “The Greek historian Herodotus described the extraordinary ability of Egyptians to create spontaneous fun for themselves by singing, clapping, and dancing in boats on the Nile during numerous religious celebrations. The belly dance originated somewhere in this vast, ancient tradition of merriment.”

As a folk dance, it is performed at parties and social gatherings by commoners dressed in their everyday attire. Professional belly dancing has evolved significantly over the past century, incorporating elements of ballet, the addition of a veil, and stage performances for an audience. Egypt is proud of its professional belly dancers, including Badia Masabni, who is known as the “godmother” of belly dancing. She made the dance style ubiquitous and accessible to an audience. Tayihac Carioca, the Egyptian Marilyn Monroe of belly dancing, was a belly dancer and actress whose performance style incorporated Brazilian rhythms. Naima Akef, who died in 1966, was a circus acrobat who incorporated acrobatic movement and energetic rotations into her performances.

Today, belly dancing is also a form of exercise that helps women unite and become physically fit. In an hour, 400 calories are burned. Balance, stamina, coordination, and an improvement in posture are all advantages. Currently, one can view Egyptian belly dancing competitions on YouTube. Countries such as Egypt and Korea hold national competitions for belly dancing. Also popular are belly dancing tutorials and online courses.

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Explore the subject of belly dancing

There are numerous methods to learn even more about the historical and cultural aspects of belly dancing. There is a wealth of information available online, including YouTube videos, and Goodreads has a category of books about belly dancing with ratings and user reviews.

Observe a performance of belly dance

The best method to accomplish this is to determine whether or not there are performances nearby that you can attend in person. You should support both renowned touring artists and local artists. But if you don’t have the money or reside in a place that doesn’t have these performers, don’t worry; you can view some incredible dances on YouTube!

Discover how to belly dance.

You’ve read about it and seen demonstrations; now it’s time to put your own body to the test. Check with nearby dance studios to see if they offer classes. Remember that this routine is more difficult than you may believe. But what matters most is that you have joy while you’re learning!

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Five belly dance facts that will blow your mind

Edison produced films about belly dancers.

Films such as “Crissie Sheridan” from 1897 and “Princess Rajah” from 1904 are examples of how the inventor of motion pictures popularised the medium in America.

American style tribal belly dance

This 1987-created modern form of belly dance incorporates elements from Indian, Middle Eastern, and African dances.

The final authentic Ghawazi musicians

The Maazin sisters are believed to be the last authentic Ghawazi dancers in Egypt, with Khayreyya Maazin still teaching and performing as of 2020.

Currently, it is used as a workout

It can strengthen the quadriceps, oblique, and gluteal muscles.

It’s advantageous for expectant women.

The abdominal muscles that are strengthened through dancing play a crucial role in childbirth.


It’s nutritious

We’re not just talking about how it can tone your muscles and keep you in shape. It can also be a meditative experience. The ‘cool-down’ portions and ritualistic aspects of classes are a form of rehabilitation.

It provides access to Middle Eastern culture.

If this is the first time you’ve read extensively about belly dancing, it’s possible that you now know more about Egypt than you did before. Each country in the Middle East has its own distinct form of belly dancing, which is prevalent throughout the region. Simply by attempting to determine which style you favour, you are able to discover numerous cultural differences between these nations.

It is a means of meeting new individuals.

It can be difficult to establish new adult friends. Sharing a space with individuals who share your interests is the simplest option. When dancing with others, you encourage each other to freely express yourselves and attempt new things.


Year Date Day
2022 May 14 Saturday
2023 May 13 Saturday
2024 May 11 Saturday
2025 May 10 Saturday
2026 May 9 Saturday