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World Fair Trade Day 2023: Date, History, Significance and Facts

The objective of the equitable Trade movement is to ensure that workers around the world are treated fairly, with equitable wages and safe working conditions.

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World Fair Trade Day 2023: Date, History, Significance and Facts

World Fair Trade Day 2023: World Fair Trade Day is celebrated on the second Saturday of May to recognise contributions to the battle against poverty, exploitation, and climate change. The objective of the equitable Trade movement is to ensure that workers around the world are treated fairly, with equitable wages and safe working conditions. There are presently thousands of people working in unfavourable conditions for low pay. Everyone, regardless of where they reside, deserves to be regarded with respect.


Edna Ruth Byler sold textiles from the trunk of her automobile in the 1940s. She was a wife, mother, and entrepreneur, and though she did not realise it at the time, she would be instrumental in launching a movement. In 1946, Byler travelled to the La Plata Valley in Puerto Rico, where he encountered a struggling woman. She struggled to provide for her family during the Great Depression, and this motivated Byler to take action. Byler observed the exquisite embroideries created by the local women and considered expanding their business by selling their products to her friends and neighbours.

In the 1950s, she founded her own modest business. Using her car filled with needlework to travel across the country to women’s sewing circles and gatherings. As she did so, she informed the American public of the origins of these works of art and the women’s craftsmanship. This resulted in economic security for the women of the La Plata Valley and personal triumph for Byler.

What began as a seemingly modest act of kindness evolved into a movement when the organisation became Ten Thousand Villages. People around the globe were beginning to recognise the need to care for workers. In 1964, the first Fair Trade Organisation with initiatives to improve worker relations between Chinese Refugees in Oxfam businesses selling crafts to the United Kingdom was established. The Fair Trade Original was founded in the Netherlands in 1967 with comparable initiatives.

In 1989, the World Fair Trade Organisation, formerly known as the International Federation of Alternative Traders, was founded. They held annual conferences for groups involved in fair trade to determine the best working conditions practises, and in 2004 they established World Fair Trade Day. The ongoing objective is to combat poverty and exploitation, climate change, and the economic crisis in order to safeguard the most vulnerable members of society.

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HOW TO Observe International Fair Trade Day

Online ethical trade shopping

Supporting workers is one of the best methods to celebrate World Fair Trade Day. Check out what you can purchase at www.fairtradefederation.org as an alternative to your typical retailers. You can navigate through more than 200 verified fair trade businesses committed to equitable and sustainable trade.

Attend a virtual event

There are virtual conferences that provide additional information on constructing a sustainable future. You can learn more about the leaders of the movement and hear from industry experts influencing social innovation and sustainability. You may also interact with campus and community organisers and investigate additional opportunities to assist the global community.

Promote an ethical trade group

Investigate fair trade companies that pique your interest and their histories. Then, they should utilise social media to inform others about their business and how their service benefits the global community.

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To the point

The Fairtrade Mark is an independent, consumer- and government-recognized certification mark for products that adhere to equitable labour practises.

Fair commerce in the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom is home to 4,500 Fairtrade Mark products.

Quantity of products

Products bearing the Fairtrade Mark are marketed in more than 120 nations.

Chocolate possession

Farmers solely own Divine Chocolate, the only chocolate company in the globe.

Employees united

More than 1.4 million farmers and labourers produce Fairtrade products worldwide.


It aids the most helpless

When there is money to be made, the most vulnerable members of society are affected the most. World Fair Trade Day emphasises the significance of gender equality and providing workers with adequate living conditions.

It prioritises the planet

With global warming posing a threat to the planet, material production methods must change. Fair trade ensures that environmentally favourable production practises are adhered to, which is crucial for monitoring companies that could potentially harm the planet.

The concept of transformation

Fair trade focuses on employees with the belief that by advocating for them, it shifts global systems of inequality to create a brighter future that enables communities to flourish. There is a logic to everything.


Year Date Day
2021 May 8 Saturday
2022 May 14 Saturday
2023 May 13 Saturday
2024 May 11 Saturday
2025 May 10 Saturday