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World Sparrow Day: Causes of sparrows extinction and how can we help

Check out the reason that caused sparrows to extinct and how can we help them

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World Sparrow Day: Reasons for extinction of sparrows and how can we help

Like every year, March 20 is marked as World Sparrow Day. If there are any commonly seen birds then that is sparrow and crows but it seems that the situation has deteriorated. Tremendous decrease in the population of these birds calls for the need to mark this day. It is said that the house sparrows are on the verge of extinction.

World Sparrow Day is marked to raise awareness about these birds. An initiative started by Nature Forever Society of India has collaborated with Eco-Sys Action Foundation to work on this day and there is no other National and International organization that works for this kind of collaboration. Since the initiative is Indian, it remains a question that where have the sparrows in India gone?

Earlier, it was very common when a sparrow used to come and sit on our window pane but now it has become very disappointing that the bird is now on the verge of extinction. The reason for this extinction can be many like infrastructural changes or the changing lifestyle of the people.

Earlier sparrows used to get grains easily to survive but as the people now have shifted to huge buildings, the sparrows too have shifted but towards extinction. Human activities and expansion are a major reason for them to shift.

The disappearing of this bird is a serious issue as it indicates ecological crises also it shows that humans are causing environmental crises. The increasing phone radiation is also one of the reason for the bird to decline as it weakens their immune system. The rising of big birds that hunts these small birds also cause them to decline.

How to prevent sparrows from extinction

  • As the summers are almost here, always keep a bowl of water and grain bowl at your window. The few sparrows left will come and they will realize that they would get water and food regularly.
  • Try to plant trees in the nearby area as lack of greenery is one of the reasons they are disappearing.
  • Make sure that the waste around your area is cleared on a regular basis. Also, try and make bio manure of your kitchen waste as birds come and feed the microbes.
  • You can get an artificial nest that is not too bright and colourful. The covered nest provides a comfortable home to these birds.
  • Don’t use too much of insecticides and pesticides as they cause chemicals to enter into the bodies of these birds.

It’s high time we should put some serious thoughts and efforts to the alarming situation of the small birds getting extinct. We should try to do our bit to conserve these birds. So lets on this World Sparrow Day lets take a pledge to do whatever it takes to save the ecology and conserve the small birds from getting extinct.


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