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7 activities that will make you fall in love with yourself

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7 activities that will make you fall in love with yourself

When I flew solo for the first time, there’s something that really struck me. When the air stewardess mentioned how you need to put the oxygen mask on yourself first, before helping others, I was surprised beyond belief. Even mothers! I remember being literally astounded that even mothers had to put on their masks before they helped their infants and toddlers.

To me, it meant that only if you’re able, will you be able to help others; only if you take care of yourself first, will you be sane enough to think for others. And finally, only if you love yourself first and bask in the glory of complete acceptance, will you extend empathy, kindness and generosity towards others. Our society as a general does not celebrate being alone or being single. Women are just taught to be dependent on others, but we are here to change that.

I regularly celebrate my love for myself and this is how you should too!

Museum Tours

If you’re interested in that sort of a thing, visit your nearby museums and take a guided tour. We don’t really give credit to historical treasures as much as we should. There’s a lot to learn and be proud of there. Also, guiding tours is a falling art and you will feel so good for actually listening to another person talk about your city. Sometimes, as a bonus you may bump into an art installation too!

Poetry Reading Session

The easiest way to meet new like-minded people in a non-creepy setting! Check out an events website or follow cafes on social media that build communities, for a taste of their calendar. You can volunteer with your own written poem or listen to people talk about their with the intensity and passion their art deserves!

Home Decor DIYs

If you’re a bit of a lazy bum and the idea of wearing pants and venturing out is beyond your rationale, this is for you. All you will need is plenty of fabrics and a glue gun. We all have that home improvement project we’ve been putting off and plenty of clothes we don’t wear. Make cushion covers, bows, fabric curtains and what not! All hail Pinterest!

Solo Home Decor DIYS For Valentine’s Day

Binge Shop, But How!

We’ve all heard and experienced retail therapy working wonders! But have you ever tried binge shopping for stationery? Whether it is the nostalgic factor or the illusion that it creates of having an orderly life. What’s important is that it’s therapeutic. Almost overwhelmingly so. Shop for stationery and make a bullet journal. You will be able to track your personal achievements, social life, professional successes and mental health in a better, more organised manner.

Plan That Vacay

We all have that one destination we’ve dreamed of visiting since we were kids. So why not take it one step ahead and make a detailed plan with an itinerary, budget allocation, sights to see list and more. This way you will have an idea as to when would be a good time for you to take that holiday. Even better! Do it whilst having dinner at an upscale restaurant by yourself!

Personal Gifts & DIYS

We often forget to thank and honour the people whose warmth and vibe makes the world a better place. Sometimes birthdays and anniversaries roll by and we still forget to gift our beloveds. This time though, roll the dice on personalised gifts done by you. You could make bow-ties, cushion covers, pocket squares, hair bands or frame their favourite quotes. The power of giving and assigning a chunk of your time to selflessness will have you falling in love with yourself.

Be Your Own Masterchef!

As varied as our preferences might be, comfort food is a thing we all have in common. Whether it is Thai Red Curry with Rice or Ramen or even our dear old Dal Khichdi, your excuses for not mastering your fave recipe are dwindling. We all must know how to cook our comfort food, exactly how we like it. It is a massively handy tool during times of distress!


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