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7 fancy words used in bios to sound cool!

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Most of the social media sites require users to fill a bio, which defines the identity of the person. Initial social media interactions are usually based on the user’s profile. In a bid to stand out from the crowd, most people use fancy words which end up making them look cliché and unoriginal. Here are some of the most overused words on social media bios:
Definition: One who finds the contents of someone else’s mind to be their most attractive attribute, above and before their physical characteristics. 
The word itself is a powerful statement against the hookup culture. But, now the word is so mainstream due to its overuse on social media and dating apps.
Definition: A deep uncontrollable desire to hit the road and travel, by whatever means, to explore and enjoy the world
The word is so overused by people who love to show off their journeys to the world. Instagram is filled with users who frequently use the hashtag #wanderlust to flaunt their pictures. No matter how near or far you go, you’re a wanderlust if you click innumerable selfies!
Definition: Someone who thinks, dreams and lives for food. 
Mostly used by persons who resist the temptation of the food placed before them just to click pictures to share with the world. The main characteristic of these people are no matter whatever serious problem the world faces, they just want to tell the world that they had.
Definition: Someone who aspires for happiness and peace for the mankind. Someone who believes that someday the world will truly be united as one. 
Normally used by a person who really doesn’t care about mankind and dreams about “my world”.
Definition: People who are obsessed with Harry Potter.
The main peculiarity of these characters are they are only interested in Harry Potter. A potterhead spends hours and hours just talking about the fictional world of wizards and magic spells.
Definition: A person who strongly believes that women and men should have equal rights. 
Feminism in social media is no more a revolutionary idea. The word is inappropriately used by majority of social media users just to sound cool without understanding the ethos of feminism. Even those who endorse patriarchy, question women who wear shorts or go out late, have been using this word to describe themselves.
Definition: One who moves around or travels freely without ties holding them back. 
Modern day nomads will first make sure that he/she have enough money/ resource for his nomad life. Most probably have taken a break from the well paid professional jobs and will be constantly updating his nomadic life with the hashtag #nomad.