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Al Fazliyans celebrates life by shaving,smoking as ISIS leaves the town

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Iraqi town of AL Fazliya is just 20 kilometres north of Mosul and just five kilometers away from the nearest ISIS position
Six days ago, Islamic State was driven out of the town by Kurdish Peshmarga forces.
CNN reported a story on how Al fazliya residents, whose life were made a misery by ISIS, celebrated the victory by shaving, smoking cigerattes and having nice haircuts.
The celebration seems strange to the outer world. But for a group of people who haven’t smoked a single cigeratte for the past two years, these celebration means a lot.

Ahmed Abu Uzama, a barber in Al Fazliya, was overloaded with more than 200 customers for a single day.
Under the ISIS rule, trendy haircuts other than the ‘ISIS’ approved could mean a month in jail and shaving was completely banned.
Ahmed, who was out of practice for two years, has had a lot of request for a range of trendy hairstyles.
Smoking cigarettes is now a symbol of liberty in the town. The store were all newly stocked with cigarettes.
Men wore the Reebok track top, stone-washed denim jeans and leather sandals, which would grand them a beat or fine under ISIS rule.
Iraqis are progressing to normal life again as ISIS leaves from the country. The women started walking freely on the road again.


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