Andhra Pradesh: Woman dies following fight during queue for water
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Andhra Pradesh: Woman dies following fight during queue for water

The water crisis has become a concerning issue these days especially in Chennai. The issue has raised to an extent that in a yet another incident to secure water an another Indian citizen’s life was claimed.

The shocking incident took place in Sompeta town of Srikakulam district when the victim identified as 38-year-old Tatipudi Padma died following a physical fight with another woman as they were in the queue to fill water from a public tap installed at a local school.

A complaint has been filed by the police in the connection with the death.

An investigation was conducted which has led the police to believe that the deceased was standing in the queue to fill water from the public tap when she got into a heated argument with another woman.

Another woman was identified as Teppala Sundaramma. Also, the two women were seen physically abusing each other using utensils they were carrying to fetch water. The deceased Padma suffered severe injuries on the chest and head as a result of the fight.

The woman later slipped and fell on the road while on her way back home and that was the result of her death.

Police said that the victim fell on the road and died on the spot. A case has been filed against Sundaramma and a probe into the matter is underway.

However, this is not the first time that the fight of water had resulted in a violent fight. In June this year, a 28-year-old woman was stabled by a neighbor in Chennai after the accused got into an argument with her husband over switching on the motor.

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