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April Fools’ Day 2023: Date, History, Activities and Facts

April 1 is celebrated annually as April Fools' Day. The entire day consists of being impartial and serious about everything, and... LOL! APRIL FOOLS!

By Sanya Oberoi
Published on :
April Fools' Day

April Fools’ Day 2023: The 1st of April is April Fools’ Day, a day when many of us discharge our most creative selves in an attempt to amuse and sometimes fool those around us.

Why do we do this? Where did it originate? Historiographers have, surprisingly, reached no concrete conclusion. We’ll explore the possibilities below, but regardless, every spring we all put on our pranking hats and devise the most devious and diabolical, yet safe and playful hoaxes we can think of, making this day possibly the most fun, exciting, and nerve-wracking of the year!


April 1 is celebrated annually as April Fools’ Day. The entire day consists of being impartial and serious about everything, and… LOL! APRIL FOOLS!


Today, April Fools’ Day practical jokes are a year-round internet phenomenon, no longer limited to the first day of April. Every day, thousands of videos are uploaded to the most popular websites, stretching the envelope of pranking into sometimes dangerous territory. We DO NOT condone this, and below we will illustrate how to keep this holiday safe and, well, amusing!

There is no consensus on how it all began, but according to a prevalent theory, January 1 was not the beginning of the new year prior to 1592. The Julian calendar, created by Julius Caesar in 45 B.C., marked the beginning of each new year on April 1st. Crazy, we know.

The Gregorian calendar began when Pope Gregory the Eighth devised a new method for keeping track of the days. When he changed the date of New Year’s Eve, it evidently took everyone some time to adjust. Those who continued to revel on April 1 despite being behind the times were considered fools.

Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales,” published in 1392, contains a lesser-known, contested explanation for the origins of April Fool’s Day. This publication contains a single reference to “March 32,” which sparked a debate over its significance. Given the lack of context and the antiquity of the text, its interpretation remains obscure. Some believe that this annual tradition is a jest, while others assert that it is merely a typo.

Whether we have Gregory the Eighth or Geoffrey Chaucer to credit for April Fools’ Day, it has existed for centuries and will continue to inspire a flurry of creativity and enthusiasm in the first few weeks of spring.

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Plan in advance

Commence early! Some YouTubers and internet celebrities have devoted their entire careers to pranks, so you can find inspiration here. Some ideas are extreme, so be sure to select ones that are safe but still elicit a positive response!

Practice your composure

Keep your calm! You may not be a world-class poker player, but nothing ruins a good practical joke more than laughing uncontrollably as you urge a coworker to return to their cubicle after lunch. If they still do not suspect that whoopee cushion, they must be April Fools!

Give them an unpleasant surprise.

Acidify their treats! This April Fools’ Day staple is timeless. The substitution of salt for sugar in their second afternoon coffee will cause them to doubt their decision.


“Day of Lies” for the Portuguese

This day is known as “Lie Day” or Dia da Mentira in Brazil.

The French “Fools”

In France and parts of the United Kingdom, pranksters affix a paper fish to their victim’s back.

The Scottish “Suckers”

The Scots play pranks on their companions by pinning a tail or a “kick me” sign to them.

Ancient Foolers

Some ancient Europeans observed the holiday by exchanging status, age, or gender responsibilities.

Ignorant of the chime

Taco Bell deceived Philadelphians by jokingly announcing its acquisition and rebranding of the Liberty Bell.


Year Date Day
2023 April 1 Saturday
2024 April 1 Monday
2025 April 1 Tuesday
2026 April 1 Wednesday
2027 April 1 Thursday