Attention Passengers! This rule related to train ticket reservations will change from May 1

Attention Passengers! IRCTC to change rule related to train ticket reservations will change from May 1

In order to improve the facilities of its passengers, Indian Railways is going to take another big step. The boarding station you have selected while booking tickets for the train, but if you want to change this station later, it will be easier to do this from 1st May.

Yes, you read it right! But there is a condition to do so. Railways said that refund will not be given on cancellation of this ticket as many changes are going to happen in the rules related to ticketing of the railway from May 1. You will be able to change your boarding station 4 hours before from May 1 while presently It can only be changed up to 24 hours only. If the change is done in the boarding station of the journey, then money refund will not be given on ticket cancellation.

In case if you have selected the boarding station at the time of booking the ticket, but later you want to change it. So you can do this change again on May 1. Currently, while selecting the boarding station during ticket booking, the boarding station cannot be changed again. But it will be possible now from May 1.

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In this regard, officials of the Railway Department said that for the convenience of the passengers, the duration of the change in boarding station has been increased from 24 hours to 4 hours. You will be able to make changes to the boarding up to 4 hours before the train starts on May 1.

In order to avail the new service to change the boarding station, the passenger will not need to go to the reservation counter. Calls and messages can also change boarding on the IRCTC website. You can call on Railway Inquiry Number -139 to get it changed.

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