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Australian state to legalise medical marijuana

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Australian states might legalise the medical use of cannabis in the coming years. The state opposition government in Australia’s New South Wales on Tuesday said it will encourage for medical cannabis to be legally available for patients suffering from long term illness. Making the world’s favourite drug legal would allow those suffering from fatal diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and HIV, to have own 15 grams of the marijuana per person.

The state opposition leader Luke Foley is certain that if the bill is passes it would allow those, who are currently suffering from the disease to consume it which will in turn help them ease their pain and the users wouldn’t be viewed as criminals.

“This is about restoring dignity to those seeking temporary relief from the pain and suffering of their affliction,” Foley said.

Source: endocrineweb.com

While the bill is yet to be passed in Australia and a lot of other countries, here are a list of health benefits of marijuana which you could have missed:

  1. Fights Cancer: This is the big one that everybody’s been talking about. Both scientists and the federal government have released a good amount of evidence showing that cannabinoids fight certain types of cancer. It doesn’t get much more substantial than that.
  2. It can help cure depression: Depression is one of the more widespread, yet least talked about medical conditions in America. And research is showing that cannabis can help treat it.
  3. Helps to regulate seizures:  Using medical cannabis to regulate seizures is another one of the more high-profile findings coming out of medical science. For folks with disorders like Epilepsy, cannabis is showing immense promise.
  4. A treatment for ADHD: For those with serious trouble concentrating, or who have children suffering from ADD or ADHD, cannabis might be the treatment you’ve been waiting for. It’s safer and more effective than medications like Ritalin or Adderall.
  5. Helps control anxiety: Fact: cannabis can actually cause anxiety but there are ways to potentially avoid that. And it’s also true that for many people, cannabis can help alleviate anxiety disorders.
  6. Treats Glaucoma: One of the first big medical issue that cannabis was shown to effectively treat is Glaucoma. Ingesting cannabis helps lower the pressure in the eyeball, giving patients at least temporary relief.


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