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Autism Sunday 2024: FAQs, Dates, History, Activities, and Facts About Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Sunday 2024, observed on February 11th, is an International Day of Prayer for Autism Spectrum Disorders, highlighting the challenges faced by individuals with this neurodevelopmental disorder.

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Autism Sunday 2024 FAQs, Dates, History, Activities, and Facts About Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Sunday 2024: The 11th of February this year marks Autism Sunday, which is observed on the second Sunday of February and is also recognized as the International Day of Prayer for Autism Spectrum Disorders. It brings attention to autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by profound challenges in social interaction and environmental perception.

It debuted in 2002, during the United Kingdom’s Autism Awareness Year, and was the brainchild of parents Ivan and Charika Corea, who also designed the Autism Awareness Campaign U.K.

Autism Sunday History

Autism, a developmental disorder, frequently manifests itself during the initial three years of an individual’s existence. Constantly stigmatizing patients, parents, and caregivers, it impacts millions of individuals across the globe.

The earliest well-documented cases of autism were those of Hugh Blair of Borgue in 1747 and the Wild Boy of Aveyron in 1798. Autism traces back to the 1700s. Autistic was the term that Swiss psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler first used to describe the symptoms of schizophrenia in 1910. When Leo Kanner of the Johns Hopkins Hospital published a systematic description of early infantile autism involving eleven children exhibiting striking behavioral similarities in 1943, it became a common term.

Autism was not distinguished from other mental and developmental disorders, including infantile schizophrenia and Asperger syndrome, until the 1980s. In the D.S.M.-III, published in 1980, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (D.S.M.) distinguished autism from juvenile schizophrenia. To diagnose autism in 1987, the DSM-III-R issued criteria.

The DSM-5, published in May 2013, categorized disorders including PDD-NOS, autism, Asperger syndrome, Rett syndrome, and CDD under the umbrella term Autism Spectrum Disorders. Impairment of social communication and restriction of repetitive behaviors comprised the two DSM-5 categories.

Charika Corea and Ivan Ivan initiated Autism Sunday. Charin, their offspring, is diagnosed with a communication disorder and an autism spectrum disorder. Additionally, they established the Autism Awareness Campaign U.K., an organization that advocates for religious leaders and world leaders to take a stance in support of individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Since February 2nd, when the inaugural service for autism was conducted at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London in February 2002, the second Sunday of February has been observed annually.

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Autism Sunday 2024 FAQs

Does autism qualify as a disability?

Indeed, it is. Autism is a developmental disability of the nervous system. However, the experience of each autistic person is unique, as are their support requirements and service requirements.

Is autism more severe at one age?

Age does not exacerbate or alter autism. However, recent studies have demonstrated that while children can transcend a diagnosis, the overwhelming majority of these children continue to struggle and still necessitate educational and therapeutic assistance.

Why does autism occur?

There are numerous potential causes of autism. Hereditary conditions, gene mutations, being born to elderly parents, environmental conditions including toxins, and risk factors such as alcohol, drugs, rubella, and others during pregnancy are a few examples.

Autism Sunday 2024 Activities

Offer a supplication.

To bring attention to autism spectrum disorders, Autism Sunday was established and encourages us to be more conscientious of the cause. Engage in a momentary supplication today for individuals impacted by autism spectrum disorders, extending your thoughts and prayers to their parents or primary caregivers who dedicate the majority of their time to their care.

Observe a service

On this day, certain institutions and organizations conduct special services. Locate the one in your vicinity and willingly participate in the service with a spirit of humility.

Raise awareness

Caregivers and autistic patients frequently encounter numerous social stigmas due to a lack of comprehension on the part of others. Utilize today to raise awareness about disorders on the autism spectrum. Utilize the hashtag #AutismSunday on social media to raise awareness.

A.S.D., Autism Spectrum Disorder, Five Facts

It is far more prevalent than you might expect.

With a prevalence of one in every 68 children, ASD is more prevalent than pediatric cancer, AIDS, and diabetes.

Absence of a cure

At present, neither a medical diagnosis nor a cure exists for autism spectrum disorder.

It translates to “alone.”

The word is derived from the Greek word’ autos, which translates to self,’ and signifies isolation.

That clause does not conclude the sentence.

Children with ASD are capable of learning and progressing beyond the classroom with the proper assistance.

Early in life, symptoms manifest.

A.S.D. can be diagnosed with 99 percent accuracy by age two or even younger.


Year Date Day
2024 February 11 Sunday
2025 February 9 Sunday
2026 February 8 Sunday


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