Bank of Baroda urges male employees to trim moustaches & tuck in shirts at work, style guide goes viral!

Bank of Baroda urges male employees to trim mustaches & tuck in shirts at work, style guide goes viral!

Bank of Baroda new style guide for their male employees is breaking the internet and has garnered a lot of attention on social media.

The public sector bank has recently merged with Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank. They had recently sent out a circular urging all the male branch staff in Bhuj region to look smart during banking hours.

As per a report, the circular contained instruction on grooming and appearance during the working hours of the bank.

The circular that addressed to all branches and offices in the Bhuj region, said ‘its always good to look smart for each and every employee’.

The circular was sent after the bank management noticed during branch inspections that many employees were not trimming their hair, shaving and wearing clean and well-iron clothes. The inspection also revealed some employees were not reporting to work on time and were coming to office in slippers.

As many as 11 dressing and etiquette guidelines were part of the letter that was sent to all the branches. It said that employees’ hair should be trimmed and neat. In case an employee wants to keep their hair long, the locks should be ”shaped and combed”. As far as mustaches are concerned, the guidelines advised staff to keep them in shape.

The guidelines further prohibited the choice of wearing jeans and t-shirts to the office and said male staff should always wear “pant and shirt” on all working days. However, shirts should be tucked in without any wrinkle on the front.

On the other hand, the female staff was advised to wear sarees and salwar suits.

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