Bengaluru: Flight delayed for 16 hours after passenger threatens of having gun in bag

Bengaluru: Flight delayed for 16 hours after passenger threatens of having gun in bag

Flight TR573, Singapore bound scoot flight from Bengaluru was delayed for more than 16 hours after a flyer raised a hoax and alarmed the security of having a gun in one of his bags. The flight was scheduled to depart from 1.20 am and left at 5.23 pm.

More than 173 passengers have left aground at Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) due to the hoax spread by one of the passengers.

As per the sources, the passenger was not an Indian national and had issued a verbal threat to the cabin crew that there is a gun in one of his bags. Following which the passenger was rushed to the airport police station and was questioned about the incident. The airport police officers said that the man was let off as they found that he was joking. It was not a gun but a guitar in his bag.

BIAL spokesperson said that the hoax security threat was made at 1.48 am on April 23 on the Scoot Airlines flight. The procedures relating to stranded security protocols and procedures were followed and no suspicious items were found. Later, the passenger was deboarded from the flight. Rest of the passengers were deboarded and made to rescreened for the security and immigration check. A replacement aircraft and crew were flown into Bengaluru. In the meantime, food and refreshments were organized.

The spokesperson also said that there was no impact on operations at the airport.

Several passengers complained of being stuck inside the plane for hours before they were deboarded after the hoax that was created.

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