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Beware of Tax Filing Tips from TikTok: Here’s Why

TikTok's tax filing tips may not guarantee federal regulations, so MARCA.com provides effective guidelines for ensuring tax returns are in order by April 15th.

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Beware of Tax Filing Tips from TikTok Here's Why
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Beware of Tax Filing Tips from TikTok: TikTok cannot guarantee federal tax filing compliance. MARCA.com provides the best instructions for filing your taxes by Monday, April 15th.

Chinese company TikTok lets anyone post content to earn five minutes of viral fame.

It has also been used as a news channel to engage younger generations who get their worldwide news from TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter (now X.com).

The ease of spreading misinformation is a concern. Misinformation may make people think it’s wrong or ignorant. This is serious about taxes and the IRS.

Social media is an excellent conversation starter,” said CBS MoneyWatch’s Mara Derderian. Before taking any advise, including tax advice, consult a knowledgeable and experienced professional.

“Everyone possesses unique goals, and you should customize your advice.”

TikTok offers three popular features: tax risk zones, which allow users to deduct cars as business expenses (users need to maintain a mileage diary).

You can hire your children and deduct their wages. They are allowed to undertake a company-critical activity.

Third, your pet can be a security dog. The verdict is negative. Only dog groomers, trainers, therapy pet owners, and counselors can do this.

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Top-Rated Tax Filing Advice You Can Follow

You can find tax filing advice widely available on the internet. Vetted, reputable, and trustworthy sources, as well as articles authored by tax authorities, journalists, or tax attorneys who possess the necessary expertise, provide such guidance.

The following are some practical recommendations:

  • Use internet tools. The IRS has many online tools to help consumers find tax information and file forms on time. IRS Direct submit is a simple way to submit taxes with the IRS for free.
  • Request help by phone or in person. A human voice on the other end is always helpful, but you must ensure that you are obtaining the information through a reliable channel. Contact a Taxpayer Assistance Center if you have questions regarding a phone call. If so, call the IRS’s toll-free helpline.
  • Need an extension? Plan ahead. An extension allows accurate filing for one day but does not extend the payment deadline in cases of high volume. Postponing urgent assignments till October 15 may prevent error fees.

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