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Biden Unveils Student Loan Forgiveness Plan: Here’s What You Need to Know

President Biden unveils a comprehensive student loan forgiveness plan, aiming to help 30 million borrowers discharge their college debt, following a Supreme Court decision in June 2023.

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Biden Unveils Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Here's What You Need to Know
Source: Yahoo Finance

Biden Unveils Student Loan Forgiveness Plan: President Joe Biden proposed a new student loan forgiveness program to help 30 million people pay down their college debt. The Supreme Court rejected Biden’s program to erase up to $20,000 for 40 million student borrowers in June 2023. This new endeavor follows that logic.

Biden introduced the innovative plan on Monday, calling it “life-changing” for millions of Americans after receiving a substantial campaign pledge for student loan relief. 43 million people’s $1.7 trillion student debt complicates financial milestones like homeownership.

At an address at Madison College in Wisconsin, Biden said, “Although a college degree continues to be a gateway to the middle class, it is becoming prohibitively expensive.” Too pricey.” He also noted the difficulties middle-class and working-class people face in repaying their school loans, which can last decades.

Unlike the previously rejected idea, the current method focuses on alternative legislation to help student borrowers. Prior plan was based on the HEROES Act, a pandemic stimulus program that the Supreme Court ruled ineligible to cancel student debt by the Biden administration. However, the Higher Education Act allows the Secretary of Education to “compromise, waive, or release” federal student debts. This underpins the new strategy.

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A new strategy is founded on the Higher Education Act.

Debt absolution eligibility under the new program is still being determined. However, the strategy is said to help student loan holders. The program may specify eligibility criteria and debt reduction amounts as it evolves.

In essence, President Biden’s continued push to erase student loans indicates his commitment to solving most Americans’ economic issues. The new strategy stresses the potential impact on individuals’ lives and employs a different legal instrument to demonstrate a continuous commitment to decreasing student loan debt for many.

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