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Big Bang Day 2023: Date, Facts and History

Big Bang Day is observed annually on March 21 to commemorate the first all-sky map produced by the Planck Collaboration.

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Big Bang Day 2023: Big Bang Day is observed annually on March 21 to commemorate the first all-sky map produced by the Planck Collaboration. The astute discovery provided a coherent sample of cosmic microwave background radiation and validated the standard model of cosmology. The new map determined the model’s precise parameters. Big Bang Day unites all space enthusiasts in a celebration of another important step towards uncovering the mysteries of the universe our planet inhabits. We are encouraged to think outside of our little boxes and attempt to unravel life’s grand mysteries.


On March 21, 2013, the European Space Agency (ESA) published an all-sky map tracing the oldest existing light in the universe, the culmination of 15 months of observation. The news of the discovery inspired awe and wonder across the globe, and the first Big Bang Day was celebrated by space exploration enthusiasts. The day represents a turning point in the Big Bang Theory’s study, forever altering the cosmic calendar and the realm of extraterrestrial exploration.

Big Bang Day is named after the big cosmic event that created the universe, the Big Bang. According to the Big Bang Theory, the formation of our universe was caused by an explosion that began with a single dense and heated point and reverberated until the end of time. According to the theory, the universe is still expanding, which means that we are still living in the aftermath of an event that occurred billions of years ago. The newly discovered Planck data establish new values for the current expansion rate of the universe. The Hubble constant altered the established value in astronomy and led to the conclusion that the age of the universe is 13,82 billion years.

From Jakarta, Beirut, and New Orleans all the way to Amsterdam and Rio, celebratory gatherings have been held on this day every year since 2013. In celebration of the Big Bang, parties with a Black Hole theme are held, with guests delivering performances. Hundreds of distinguished professionals educate the public on the advancements in space by delivering lectures.

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Mount a Telescope.

Even though it’s impossible to capture the cosmic rays of the universe, a gaze at Saturn, Uranus, and a few stars will suffice. Mark the night with an hour-long extrapolation of the expansive area, and marvel at the secrets it conceals.

Respect Science

Curiosity in the sciences has revealed many world secrets and continues to enhance our lives in every way. On March 21, recognise the contributions of STEM professionals to society and commit to fostering a scientific mindset within your community.

Have a Marathon of The Big Bang Theory.

Space and the Big Bang discussions are inadequate without mentioning Sheldon Cooper, whose witty comebacks have dominated the ‘nerdy’ cultural sphere for nearly a decade. Literally observe Big Bang Day by devoting a day (or a week) to marathon viewings of the iconic sitcom.

Five of the most bizarre facts about the Big Bang

A universal experience

As the universe has no concept of a boundary or a centre, the Big Bang occurred everywhere simultaneously.

It is not conclusive.

The Big Bang defines the event that led to the creation of the universe, but it cannot pinpoint the exact moment the universe began to expand.

Christianity and scientific Method

In the early 1920s, a Christian priest professed the first concrete inference regarding the formation of the universe.

The designation remains contentious

Fred Hoyle, an astronomer who was against the concept and wished to trivialise it, devised the term “Big Bang.”

The blessing of water

The Big Bang is responsible for the formation of helium and hydrogen, which makes life possible on Earth.


A step in the direction of discovery that is proper.

Planck’s discovery brings us one step closer to solving the ultimate cosmic enigma. We celebrate this day to honour scientists who labour tirelessly to uncover more secrets of the vast universe.

The pursuit of truth continues.

The Big Bang reveals that the universe was born from a struggle against gravity. It is the definitive origin narrative, with conclusions about our future. The more in-depth the investigation, the more we can uncover the secrets on our own.

We are all composed of stardust.

The revelation of the Big Bang demonstrates a sense of unity. It reminds us of our insignificance and triviality in comparison to the vastness of the universe. It is a helpful reminder not to take ourselves too seriously, as we are all composed of stardust.


Year Date Day
2023 March 21 Tuesday
2024 March 21 Thursday
2025 March 21 Friday
2026 March 21 Saturday
2027 March 21 Sunday