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Biggest fall in #MeToo India so far, media reports suggest MJ Akbar to be asked to resign on arrival

The cloud of #MeToo seems to envelop one after another as the names keep emerging with each passing day. Now, after Nana Patekar got booked for allegedly sexually assaulting an actor on a movie set, the news of Minister of State for External Affairs MJ Akbar’s expected resignation is making headlines. Ever since Akbar’s name emerged in the #MeToo controversy, so far nine women have accused him of sexual harassment and impropriety from the days when he was an editor of The Asian Age.

The MEA Akbar is presently on a visit to Nigeria and is expected to be ‘asked to go’ when he returns back to the country. According to a report on Firstpost, he is scheduled to come back on Friday and due to the protocol with international visits, he cannot come back midway.

“He is expected tomorrow. The protocol is to finish the official work and only then return. He will be asked to go as soon as he returns from his visit to Nigeria,” said a source from Bharatiya Janata Party.

BJP is planning an honourable exit for MJ Akbar as the source says, “He will be given a chance to explain himself but most probably he will be given a chance to explain himself but most probably he will be asked to resign immediately after his visit from Nigeria.”

A number of women shared their accounts of the incidences with Akbar and accuse him of making them feel uncomfortable by calling them to his hotel rooms for interviews and many others. Journalist Priya Ramani was the first lady to break the ice about the MEA MJ Akbar.

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