Bihar: Reliance JioPhone explodes, woman’s clothes catch fire
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Bihar: Reliance JioPhone explodes, company offers woman’s treatment cost after inquiry

In a shocking incident, Reliance JioPhone handset exploded into flames in Bihar’s Kishanganj district on September 15. The woman carrying that phone narrowly escaped the tragedy while her saree caught fire. The company has started a probe into the case. It even offers to replace the phone and bear the cost of woman’s treatment.

As reported by Main Media, victim identified as Nazrun Nishaan was returning from nearby hospital after her checkup, following which, she sat on a couch in her daughter-in-law’s house. All of a sudden, the phone kept near chest pocket exploded. In no time, victim’s saree caught the fire.

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Nazrun’s relatives helped in extinguishing the fire. While speaking to the publication, Nazrun said that she is still in shock. “The explosion is still haunting. I got my chest burnt in the incident. Doctors have suggested me medicines but it is paining a lot,” said the victim.

Reliance had recently launched JioPhone, JioPhone 2 along with many smartphone-like features including Whatsapp.

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