Jharkhand: Woman allegedly stripped, hair chopped off on suspicion of affair with nephew
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Bihar: Two girls thrashed, hair cut off by Khap Panchayat for resisting molesters

In a ghastly and horrendous incident from Bihar’s Janjharpur area, a Khap Panchayat in Madhubani district held two girls guilt after they were being eve teased. The victims were punished for resisting two molesters from their village. The girls were beaten up and their hair was chopped off.

The Panchayat termed the girls characterless before they were inhumanly thrashed and their brother was also beaten up for opposing the order.

As per the reports, the cousin sisters were collecting wood for fuel from a field when they eve-teased by two youth from the village. One minor girl resisted the eve teasers after she was offended by their behavior. The furious eve teasers couldn’t take resistance and asked the Khap Panchayat to look into the matter.

The Panchayat held the two girls guilty of resisting and termed them characterless. The villagers then chopped off the girls hair and also beat them up. When their brother objected on this, he was badly thrashed with sticks until he fell unconscious.

Not only this, the family of the victim have been fined Rs 2,00,000 for the behavior of the girls, the victims narrated they’re and said that their brother was thrown on a roadside after villagers thought he had died from their beating. The girls were brutally beaten up with blows to their stomachs.

They were also verbally abused by the villagers and the Khap Panchayat tried to justify the incident by calling it a ‘lesson’ to the ‘unruly and characterless’ girls.

The family of the girls has registered an FIR against 12 people with the police but they are yet to take any action on the same.

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