BJP MP Subramanian Swamy says can’t be chowkidar as he is a Brahmin
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BJP MP Subramanian Swamy says can’t be chowkidar as he is a Brahmin

Modi’s ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar’ campaign is being supported by all the BJP leaders, party spokesperson, union ministers and supporters all across the country by adding chowkidar to their social media handles but BJP MP Subramanian Swamy has a different opinion on it. He says that he cannot be a chowkidar as he is a Brahmin.

In an interview with a Tamil news channel, the BJP MP addressed to various issues at length and when asked that why has he not added ‘chowkidar’ to his name unlike the party members he said in a statement “I cannot become a Chowkidar because I’m a Brahmin. I will give the orders and Chowkidar has to execute it.”

The video of the interview is going viral on the internet and the BJP MP is being slammed on his casteist mindset.

Manuraj S, the spokesperson of the DMK, has also slammed Swamy for his casteist remarks. Taking to Twitter, he said, “ Disgraceful. This man exemplifies the inherent casteism of Hindutva politics. He is unfit to be in public life. But has, unfortunately, been encouraged by the Sangh, @BJP4India and right-wing outfits.”

However, BJP has always perceived as a Brahmin party and hold an upper caste in Tamil Nadu despite Dravidian movement being against Brahminism and that’s the reason it has not made its place in the state.

This statement of the MP can create more trouble for BJP ahead of Lok Sabha elections and also when the party is trying to counter on Congress “chowkidar chor Hain’ narrative.

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