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Books for Treats Day 2023: History, Activities, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Children’s books

While most people give chocolates as treats on Books for Treats Day, the tradition is to give books.

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Books for Treats Day 2023 History, Activities, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Children's books

Books for Treats Day 2023: Literature for Treats Day is observed annually on October 31 and promotes the donation of literature to children. While most people give chocolates as treats on Books for Treats Day, the tradition is to give books. The majority of the holiday’s funding comes from the nonprofit Books for Treats. On Halloween, the organization promotes the practice of adults presenting literature to children who attend trick-or-treating. Children who receive books on Halloween are encouraged to read more, which aids in the reduction of their candy consumption. Your action contributes to the nourishment of their minds.

The History of Books for Treats Day

To Read For Treats Day originated from the notion that books hold greater value as a Halloween treat than confectionery. Books provide children with a more comprehensive understanding of life and nourish the intellect, rendering them more advantageous than candies.

The holiday was conceived by Rebecca Morgan, the progenitor of the nonprofit organization Books for Treats. In an effort to deviate from the customary practice of distributing candy on Halloween, Rebecca Morgan commenced the distribution of books as favors from her Willow Glen residence in 1995. She preferred the concept of books over candies or trinkets because they provided a more enduring pleasure. As a best-selling author herself, she understood the importance of literature, particularly in the life of a child. Consequently, she purchased a box of carefully used books from a local library without hesitation. She arranged the books in grade order to ensure that they were suitable for the age of the children who attended trick-or-treating.

The positive reception of her concept led to the establishment of Books for Treats in 2001. It was crucial, in her opinion, to “feed children’s minds rather than their cavities.”

In addition to expanding throughout the United States, the movement gained some traction in Canada. In 2009, the movement experienced significant growth as a result of her ability to persuade Greg Evans, the creator of the “Luann” comic, to endorse Books for Treats and advocate for increased book donations for young children.

The majority of donated books are gently used and inexpensive to acquire, particularly from thrift stores. Morgan also observed the children’s enthusiasm for literature, as evidenced by their offer to exchange volumes after finishing a new one. She was further motivated to advance the movement as a result.

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FAQs for Books For Treats Day

How does one acquire sufficient books?

It is recommended that you collect the books in advance so that you have an ample supply when the children arrive.

How could one contribute to Books For Treats?

You can visit their website to donate or, if you have an abundance of books, to give them away.

Can literature entirely supplant candies?

Although books are the superior reward, chocolates and other delectables may still be presented in addition to the books.

Books For Treats Day 2023 Activities

Substitute literature for candies.

Provide children who are coming trick-or-treating on Halloween with publications that are suitable for their age. They will value it more and it will last longer.

Raise awareness regarding Books For Treats.

On Halloween, many individuals are unaware that there are alternatives to confectionery. Contribute to the advocacy of books!

Contribute by way of donation

You can assist Books For Treats in their effort to distribute more books on Halloween. Donations of money or gently used literature are accepted.

Five fascinating facts regarding children’s books

Beyond mere folk tales

Numerous children’s books contain scientific and other subject-specific teachings.

Easily comprehended

The fact that children’s books are written with their audience in mind makes them straightforward.

Supports students in education

Children perform better in school when they are exposed to children’s literature at an early age.

They impart valuable life teachings.

Children are aided in making wiser life decisions by children’s literature.

Not every children’s book includes illustrations.

While illustrations can enhance legibility, a number of children’s books lack such visual aids.


Year Date Day
2023 October 31 Tuesday
2024 October 31 Thursday
2025 October 31 Friday
2026 October 31 Saturday
2027 October 31 Sunday