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National Publicist Day 2023: FAQs, Dates, Activities, and History

Publicists are necessary in today's hyper-opinionated world, where rumors and fake news propagate more rapidly, to inform us of the truth directly from the horse's mouth.

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National Publicist Day 2023 FAQs, Dates, Activities, and History

National Publicist Day 2023: National Publicist Day is observed annually on October 30 to recognize and appreciate the efforts of public relations professionals in ensuring that the world receives accurate information. Publicists are necessary in today’s hyper-opinionated world, where rumors and fake news propagate more rapidly, to inform us of the truth directly from the horse’s mouth.

National Publicist Day History

In New Jersey, a catastrophic disaster transpired on October 28, 1906. When a three-car train operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad vaulted a trestle and dove into a road creek, more than fifty individuals perished. A gentleman on behalf of the Pennsylvania Railroad persuaded the organization to issue a public statement regarding the incident. Under his influence, the company also coordinated a special train to transport journalists to the location of the accident. The public statement titled “Statement from the Road,” which was published by the “New York Times” two days later on October 30, was composed by him. That was the very first press release ever documented, and Ivy Lee, the man in charge at the time, earned the moniker “father of modern PR.” As the 1906 Atlantic train derailment became known, “crisis communication” was solidified as a critical component of commercial enterprises. It created a specialized domain for public relations and provided publicists with a pivotal position in business operations.

After several years had passed, renowned publicist Jordanna Stephen proclaimed October 30 National Publicist Day in remembrance of that momentous occasion. Publicists have been recognized annually for their exceptional work behind the scenes since 2015.

Publicists and individuals affiliated with public relations organize events, seminars, and conferences on this day, while also staying informed about the latest developments in their field. Given that publicists predominantly operate in the background, this day provides them with an opportunity to proudly acknowledge their efforts in ensuring that individuals are provided with accurate and sufficient communication. Despite the fact that public relations and marketing are frequently conflated, they are distinct disciplines. Their responsibilities have assumed greater significance in the present era, as the internet has accelerated the dissemination of news. The general public must receive accurate information in order to prevent them from being duped by false news and rumors.

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FAQs for National Publicist Day

In what capacity does a publicist operate?

By coordinating publicity events, communicating with journalists, and promoting and managing their public image, a publicist connects a client with the general public. They also present their clients with a variety of publicity concepts.

Does employing a publicist provide value?

Although a publicist can assist in overcoming procedural and communication obstacles, those wishing to retain one must understand when and why they ought to. As hiring a publicist can be quite costly, it is imperative that one does so deliberately.

For whom was Ivy Lee employed?

It is ascribed to Ivy Lee that the Red Cross became the preeminent organization to which Americans contributed funds for disaster relief. By disseminating “fact sheets” to the press in the aftermath of the Ludlow Massacre, he restored the Rockefellers’ reputation. Additionally, he was the initial to propose to Rockefeller Jr. that the Rockefeller Center be named after his family. In recognition of his recommendation to the managers of Bethlehem Steel to prioritize and organize tasks, Charles M. Schwab, the CEO of the organization, awarded him a sum of $25,000. In addition to representing General Mills and Lucky Strike in public relations, Lee advised Walter Chrysler, Otto Kahn, George Westinghouse, Charles Lindbergh, and John W. Davis.

What is the identity of Edward Bernays?

By advocating for the use of endorsements from opinion leaders and other ‘experts’ to bolster arguments, Edward Bernays was also regarded by many as the founder or ‘Father of Public Relations’ and a ‘Opinion Making’ Leader. By disseminating the outcomes of experiments and questionnaires, he initiated the use of surveys to bolster the case for particular viewpoints.

National Publicist Day 2023 Activities

Display affection for publicists.

If you happen to be a publicist, please convey your gratitude for the efforts that professionals such as yourself undertake. Engage in textual communication with professional organizations and request that your peers disseminate positive news. Seek out a publicist in your neighborhood, place of employment, or social circle, and express your gratitude for the exceptional efforts they undertake. Motivate publicists to take pride in their occasionally unappreciated positions.

Attend a celebration.

Host a “Publicists fair” if at all possible; if that is not feasible, extend an official invitation to them for a gathering. Invite as many PR professionals as possible. Opt not to trouble with agenda creation; instead, allow the flow of the movement to occur naturally. Instead of organizing a physical event, consider organizing a virtual one. Permit publicists to spend a day basking in their own triumph.

Share the joy via social media.

Use the hashtags #NationalPublicistDay or #PublicistDay on social media to spread the positive news. Recognize and express gratitude to all the publicists for their frequently unacknowledged contributions. Declare to the world your admiration for the efforts of PR professionals.


Year Date Day
2023 October 30 Monday
2024 October 30 Wednesday
2025 October 30 Thursday
2026 October 30 Friday
2027 October 30 Saturday


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