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Boxing in India: The Sport That’s Taking the Nation by Storm

In today’s article, we will talk about boxing and its current state in India but also explore how this activity can be seen as a promising asset in the country’s sports area.

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Boxing in India: The Sport That's Taking the Nation by Storm

Boxing is a sport that has gained increased popularity in the world and specifically in India. It is true that boxing is not for everybody because it requires strength and endurance, however many people are intrigued by the art of it. Thus, they are somehow engaging with this sport by either watching box matches or placing boxing odds and have consequently, made boxing a famous sport worldwide. In today’s article, we will talk about boxing and its current state in India but also explore how this activity can be seen as a promising asset in the country’s sports area.

Boxing History

Boxing has been alive for a long time now, ever since ancient Rome. However, the first professional boxing match was held on January 6, 1681, in Britain between a Duke’s butler and butcher and it is exactly the British colonial rulers who brought boxing to India in the 1900s. Nevertheless, the sport was not widely embraced initially, not until the 21st century when Indian boxers started appearing on international sports competition and excelling in them. One of the most popular and strong Indian boxers is Mary Kom, who won the bronze medal in the 2012 Olympic Games while representing India in the women’s matches. Mary Kom, often regarded as the “Magnificent Mary” for her excellence in the sport continues to be a role model for many young boxers, especially females. Another Indian boxing superstar who brought the country a bronze medal from Beijing Olympics in 2008 is the legend itself, Vijender Singh who is also one of the most important assets in the boxing sport for the Indian country to this day. Similarly, there is a Rakesh Lukka, a boxer from the village of Haryana, who once used to be a tea-seller, and then decided to take on boxing and is today one of the sensations in the boxing sport in India. 

Boxing Today in India

In the recent years, boxing has seen a growing popularity amongst youngsters in India. This has been observed by the Indian Government, specifically the Ministry of Force and Youth Affairs, who invested and launched the so called Khelo India Scheme which aims at promoting all sports among young people in India by supporting them financially but also developing and investing in the sports infrastructure around the country. However, we must say that the facilities that are offered for youth in sports are not of a highly satisfactory level yet. In most cases, there are gyms or training centers that offer boxing trainings for those interested, but the equipment that would train a world-class boxer who will bring India the next medal home is lacking. Nevertheless, there have been efforts from the government side to improve the conditions and this is of course more than welcoming to the community. That being said, there is hope that there will be more investments to come in the upcoming years in the sport of boxing in India, which is expected to grow even more than it already is.

Another challenge that the boxers in India, particularly younger ones, deal with is the lack of professional opportunities. So, there are cases when their talent goes to waste because they never even leave the country for an international competition. The opportunities that are offered within India are not plenty in number and as a result, unfortunately for those boxers, boxing remains a hobby and never gets to be a profession. This is also unfortunate for the country, however since there is light at the end of the tunnel with the recent investments, there is light at the end of the tunnel which will allow us to see the boxing sport at a better position in the country but also worldwide in global competitions.


With its growing popularity in the recent years in India, boxing appears to be a very promising field to invest in. It is surely great to see that the government has taken notice of this talent and is investing in providing the proper facilities and financial support for boxers. Additionally, private organizations have also had a share on the investment in boxing infrastructure in India and are also providing other resources as they see it a profitable asset as well. It is obvious that the youngsters’ interest in this field of sport has also contributed significantly towards this success. Because of all this support, Indian boxing is growing and becoming more successful. In the future, Indian boxers could become famous on the world stage. But, apart from this, the rise of boxing in India is also contributing to the overall growth of sports in the country. With more people participating in boxing and other sports, India is becoming a more athletic and healthy nation.


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