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Brahmin leaders: An overlooked faction in Madhya Pradesh Congress

What made Brahmin leaders exit from Madhya Pradesh Congress?

By Ashish Mani Tiwari
Published on :
Brahmin leaders: A major overlooked fraction in Madhya Pradesh Congress

After the conclusion of Digvijaya Singh tenure in Madhya Pradesh, a new era initiated in Madhya Pradesh Congress, where Brahmin leader like Suresh Pachouri started emerging. Suresh Pachouri was also considered as a close aide of the central leadership of Congress from 2003 to 2010.

As per the political experts of Madhya Pradesh, Suresh Pachouri fully utilised the exit of Digvijaya Singh from state politics and during that time only another Brahmin leader, Satyavarta Chaturvedi started a campaign against former Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh over the failure of Congress in Madhya Pradesh.

Further, Suresh Pachouri became Union Minister in 2004 and did well for the state, especially for Mahakaushal region. Pertaining to that, Pachouri got the charge of Madhya Pradesh Congress in 2008. After the arrival of Suresh Pachouri, many developments occurred in Madhya Pradesh, as Digivijaya Singh completely vanished from state politics. However, Congress lost the state assembly elections during Pachouri’s term but maintained a neck to neck competition with BJP. After 2011, when Pachouri completed his term, an anti-Brahmin campaign started within the Madhya Pradesh Congress, which resulted in vanishing of leaders like Suresh Pachouri.

What made Brahmin leaders exit from Madhya Pradesh Congress?

After 2011, a new strategy was adopted by Congress in which reserved caste leaders came into front and Kantilal Bhuria emerged as a big name and further many Brahmin Congress leaders started moving to BJP. Among them, a big leader was ‘Sanjay Pathak’, who holds a massive support in Katni district.

Sanjay Pathak resigned from Congress in the year 2014 and after leaving the party, Pathak said that “There is no place for honest leaders in Congress and especially who is Brahmin”. After expressing his resentment towards Congress, Sanjay Pathak joined BJP. However, Congress continued to follow the same path and faced several embarrassments on the Sanjay Pathak issue.

Kamal Nath provided relief to Brahmin leaders

Kamal Nath, who is considered as a master of forming relations with political leaders, has played his cards well. It is evident that currently Congress is gaining support from Brahmin leaders and Padma Shukla joining the party has resulted into a setback for BJP. Kamal Nath has also decided to play the Hindu card aggressively in MP.


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