Digvijay Singh aimed at CM Chauhan over corruptions, says, epic could be written on scams
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Madhya Pradesh Polls 2018: Digvijaya Singh praises former BJP CM Babulal Gaur, irks BJP

Days after senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh said the party will construct “Ram Path” in Madhya Pradesh if voted to power, Singh made another striking statement on September 30 to give a blow to BJP.

Digivijaya Singh during an event in Bhopal on Sunday praised former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Babulal Gaur and said that “Senior BJP leader (Babulal Gaur) is the most respected member in whole BJP and there is nobody else like Babulal Gaur with detailed knowledge of politics in Madhya Pradesh”.

Since Babulal Gaur has been sent on retirement by the party on the age issue, the former minister has expressed his resentment against state BJP at several occasions and recently, he stated that

“Kamal Nath believes in development and his Chhindwara model of development is best in Madhya Pradesh”.

Speaking on the performance of BJP in Madhya Pradesh, Babulal Gaur opined that, “BJP would not be able to repeat the same performance as 2013”.

Also, there is an insight in political circles of Madhya Pradesh pertaining to Babulal Gaur that, he could be seen campaigning for some Congress leaders in the upcoming state assembly election, also it is a fact that, Babulal Gaur holds cordial relations with some high-profile Congress leaders like Arun Yadav and many more.

BJP leader Krishna Gaur, daughter-in-law of Babulal Gaur has stated in media that, if Gaur is making statements against BJP, it is totally wrong and I don’t support him. Apart from Krishna Gaur, there are several other leaders in Madhya Pradesh BJP, who have opposed Babulal Gaur.

After replacing Babulal Gaur as chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan came into power and led the BJP government, following which an internal cold war started between both leaders.


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