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Buy a Book Day 2023: Date, History, Activities, Facts

The most expensive volume ever acquired was "Codex Leicester" by Leonardo Da Vinci, which sold for $30.4 million.

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Buy a Book Day 2023

Buy a Book Day 2023: Buy A Book Day occurs annually on September 7. This day is observed to bring attention to the declining book-buying and book-reading culture. Did you know that the percentage of American adults who read books has decreased by 7 percent over the past decade? Yes, purchasing and consuming books has declined among Millennials and Generation Z. This is precisely what Buy A Book Day intends to correct.

Buy a Book Day 2023: HISTORY

In today’s digital age, where television, movies, and the internet have taken over our lives, the art of book reading and the very act of purchasing a book are rapidly declining. Although television series and films are entertaining, reading is an entirely distinct experience.

Most people believe that books are uninteresting and cannot compete with modern television series and superhero films. In actuality, however, there are millions of books that are equally well-written, thought-provoking, and capable of transporting you to an entirely new world. This is what the majority of individuals fail to comprehend.

Nonetheless, it is regrettable that the traditional art of reading a book is steadily disappearing due to a misunderstanding. Books are the ocean of knowledge — the knowledge that our ancestors have handed down to us. We used these books to learn new information, which we will then pass on to future generations.

On Buy a Book Day, individuals purchase books from their local bookstores. Those who cannot commemorate the holiday by going out can purchase a book online. Books have changed the lives of countless people from the earliest centuries until the present. Without question, they will continue to do so in the future.

Despite the existence of the Kindle, some of you may still contend that you are carrying multiple books at once. However, do you know what could make it even better? Yes, you predicted correctly by purchasing a paper book. Thus, on Buy A Book Day, purchase a book!


Purchase a book

The most enjoyable activity on Buy A Book Day is purchasing books. Therefore, go to your local bookstore and purchase a book.

Donate a book

What could be more generous than giving? On Buy A Book Day, give your friends and family members some of your favourite books; it will bring you and them so much pleasure.

Share your favourite literature

Each individual has a favourite book. This is your chance to share your affection for your favourite book with someone else by lending it to them.


According to Google, there are more than 129 publications existing. Wow, there are so many volumes to read!

The most expensive volume ever acquired was “Codex Leicester” by Leonardo Da Vinci, which sold for $30.4 million.

There is a term for the affection for the scent of old books: bibliosmia.

A sentence in Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables” contains 823 words.

The first book composed using a typewriter was “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.”


Year Date Day
2023 September 7 Thursday
2024 September 7 Saturday
2025 September 7 Sunday
2026 September 7 Monday
2027 September 7 Tuesday


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