This Syrian artist is ‘painting on death’

Art always had a role in conflict zone. Various art forms and creative expressions fearlessly portrayed the fury of war. A 38 year-old man from Syria is converting the destructive weapon of war into fine art pieces. Akram Abo Alfoz collects the bombs and bullets that litter the shell-ridden streets[Read More…]

China opens world’s highest bridge to public

The world’s highest bridge has opened to traffic in China, connecting two provinces in the mountainous southwest and reducing travel times by as much as three-quarters, local authorities said on Friday. The Beipanjiang Bridge took three years to build, cost more than $146.7 million dollars, and stretches to be 4,396[Read More…]

Syria: Ceasefire backed by Russia, Turkey officially in effect

A ceasefire across Syria, brokered by Russia and Turkey, came into force after the government and armed opposition groups accepted the truce agreement. Russian President Vladimir Putin, a key ally of Bashar al-Assad, announced the deal on Thursday after preparing the agreement with Turkey, a long time backer of the[Read More…]

Iraqi forces launch second phase of Mosul fight against ISIS

Iraqi security forces on Thursday began the second phase of their offensive against Islamic State militants in Mosul, pushing into some eastern districts where the battle has been in deadlock for nearly a month. Thousands of federal police troops who redeployed from Mosul’s southern outskirts two weeks ago also pushed[Read More…]

Airports to get lie-detecting kiosks for potential terrorists

Airports around the world could soon be seeing installations of lie-detecting kiosks that can changes in physiology and behaviour during interviews with travellers. The new innovation comes as a help to security agents to screen for criminals and potential terrorists. The system is called AVATAR, which is short for Automated[Read More…]

Israel PM expresses deep disappointment with John Kerry speech

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that he had to express “deep disappointment” over US Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech and vowed to work with the incoming Trump administration to contain the fallout from last week’s U.N. resolution calling Israeli settlements illegal. “We are not about to[Read More…]

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