Dallas shootout: Local media says lone sniper dead

Local media channels are reporting that the last suspect, who was engaged in a gun-battle with policemen, has been killed. Previously, the sniper had said he has hidden bombs “all over the city”. Five officers have been killed and several injured in the exchange that erupted during a peaceful protest[Read More…]

Dallas shooting: 4 officers shot dead, 11 injured

In one of the deadliest attacks on the law enforcement, two snipers from elevated positions opened fire at a protest in Dallas, Texas, killing four officers and injuring eleven on Thursday evening (Friday morning IST). Homeland Security officers arrived at the scene to take stock of the situation. The attack[Read More…]

Flash Floods kill 33 in North Pakistan

Torrential monsoon rains continue to wreak havoc in Pakistan as flash floods have killed at least 33 people including 31 from a village near the Afghan border. The rains remained concentrated in the northwest province and the entire area of Khybher Pakthunkwa, is the worst hit. Flood waters swept away[Read More…]

Baghdad blasts: Over 83 dead, 176 injured

The death toll in the Baghdad blasts in two crowded commercial areas has now reached 83 with 176 people injured, according to Iraq government. Prime Minister  Haider al-Abadi visited the site Sunday morning and appealed for the people to stay calm. The bombings were carried out at the end of Muslim[Read More…]

Philippine President asks people to kill drug addicts

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday asked the communist rebels to kill drug traffickers as a part of his ‘war’ on crime. Duterte has pledged to eliminate crime from the country, but his methods have raised an outcry from the international humanitarian organizations as he allegedly plans to conduct mass[Read More…]

Bangladesh PM slams media for airing terror attack

The terrorist attack, claimed by the Islamic State, in the diplomatic region of Dhaka has ended. Six terrorists were killed and 18 hostages rescued. One terrorist has been captured. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina affirms the country’s fight against terror. “What kind of humans are these, who are killing other[Read More…]

Russia, Syria invite probe into alleged chemical attack

Western nations quietly collaborate with Syria: President Assad

In an interview with Australia’s SBS news channel, Syrian President Bashar Assad has accused the west of hypocrisy, alleging that the western leaders criticize him publicly while working with him behind the scenes. He also alleged that there was no direct communication with the US, though numerous ‘back channels’ existed[Read More…]

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