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CBSE Class 12th Biology Exam Review 2019: Students find paper easy

CBSE Class 12th Science Exam Review 2019 update: CBSE concluded the Biology board exam for class 12th students today, March 15, 2019. The exam paper was conducted smoothly without any chaos. Students were elated with the CBSE Class 12th Biology paper and satisfied with their performance. The questions were easy.

While the questions were directly from NCERT, the paper was not difficult.

Below are the reactions of the students

“The section c was the easiest one. All the diagrams asked in the section c were also very easy” – Aman Kumar, student of Jospeh and Mary school, told The Times of India.

“It was very easy and scoring also. I finished the paper well before the final bell”, Diksham, another student, pointed out.

“Section D was really easy, one question was from 2014’s CBSE board exam then again C section was easy peasy too. ONE and TWO marker were from between the book so it took a little extra time,” explained Vidhi Bhardwaj, a student.

CBSE Class 12th Biology paper pattern and marks distribution

Section Name Number of questions Marks
Section – A 5 1 mark each
Section – B 7 2 marks each
Section – C 12 3 marks each
Section – D 3 5 marks each

Important points at a glance

CBSE concluded the Biology board exam for class 12th students today, March 15, 2019.

CBSE Class 12th Biology Exam 2019 commenced started at 10:30 AM and concluded at 01:30 PM.

The students who have appeared in the examination said that the paper was lengthy but not difficult.

The questions were directly from NCERT.

The paper was not difficult.

The question paper can be divided into divided into four sections – A, B, C and D.

Section C of the paper was easy peasy too.

The feedback of the students is mentioned above.

Approximately 2, 50, 000+ candidates appeared for the exam.

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