Chennai: Man comes up with rainwater harvesting system that costs only Rs 250
Water Crisis

Chennai: Man comes up with rainwater harvesting system that costs only Rs 250

Chennai is facing one of its worst ever water crisis and to get respite from it thousands of people from the city are now adopting innovative means to collect water.

Last week the monsoon arrived in the city and the locals harvested rainwater at railway stations, government offices, school, colleges, and private residences.

About 56 families from a residential complex, Sabari Terrace collected 30,000 liters of water in just one hour by harvesting rain from each terrace. A city-based company named Earth Fokus came up with an innovative device that cuts the water consumption by nearly 95 percent.

The device named Qua Mist is a brass extension on taps that turns water into a fine mist, thereby reducing the gush of water that results in a lot of wastage.

A 45-year-old has devised a rainwater harvesting system that costs only Rs 250. As per a media report, Dayanand Krishnan used the tools to create a diversion on his existing pipeline that now helps rainwater flow from his rooftop to a drum.

The implementation was successful as Krishnan collected 225 liters of water every ten minutes during the rains. He has also installed a filter at the end of the pipe so that the purity of the water is not compromised.

He told a media portal, “I thought I shouldn’t let the water drain to the ground. For the first five minutes, the water had a tint because it washes off impurities from the rooftop. But, after that, it was considerably clear. We can even use it to mop our floors.”

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