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Chicken Boy Day 2023 US: Date, History, Significance, Facts

Chicken Boy is considered one of the greatest restaurant statues of all time, alongside Ronald McDonald.

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Chicken Boy Day 2023 U.S

Chicken Boy Day 2023 U.S: On September 1, National Chicken Boy Day honours the statue of Chicken Boy, a man with a chicken’s head. Chicken Boy, located on Avenue 56 atop Future Studio, has been a landmark for ten years and counting. Chicken Boy, who stands 22 feet tall and holds a bucket of chicken, was initially a promotion for a Los Angeles-based fast food restaurant.

Chicken Boy Day 2023 U.S: HISTORY

Amy Inouye and Chicken Boy’s relationship is a modern love story. Approximately forty years ago, when the artist moved to Los Angeles, one of the first items she saw was the statue of Chicken Boy. The mascot for a quick food restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles was designed and named after the Chicken Boy Restaurant of the 1960s. The iconic figure remained at the restaurant until the death of the proprietor in 1984. When Inouye inquired about the statue, the restaurant’s proprietors told her she could have it, so she did.

After approximately twenty years of storage, Inouye decided to display Chicken Boy on the roof of her art studio in Highland Park. The local community contributed to Chicken Boy’s restoration. Inouye installed Chicken Boy in her studio in part to supplement the catalogue of chicken-related novelty products she had amassed over the years and made available for purchase. These artefacts are on display for all Chicken Boy fans at a miniature museum.

poultry Boy’s fibreglass statue is 22 feet tall and depicts him holding a poultry head and a bucket of chicken. He is jokingly referred to as the “Statue of Liberty of Los Angeles,” and he is a must-see along Route 66.


  • Chicken Boy is considered one of the greatest restaurant statues of all time, alongside Ronald McDonald.
  • Amy Inouye, the museum’s art director, has collected thousands of chicken-related objects over the years, including a chicken Elvis!
  • Popularly, Chicken Boy is known as the “Statue of Liberty of Los Angeles.”
  • The composition “The Chicken Boy Polka” by Those Darn Accordions is dedicated to Chicken Boy.
  • Chicken Boy might as well receive his own Hollywood star for the iconic film “Chicken Boy: The Movie” and the numerous accolades he has received.

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It is astounding how everything around us has a history. Who could have predicted that Chicken Boy would become the ubiquitous symbol it is today? The next time you encounter a local restaurant’s mascot, you may be gazing at Chicken Boy!

Despite the fact that Chicken Boy began as a franchise, Amy Inouye effectively expanded into chicken novelty items and a tourist attraction. A complete success tale that is an inspiration to all!

Why can’t we? National Today absolutely adores Chicken Boy! A vacation well-earned!


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2023 September 1 Friday
2024 September 1 Sunday
2025 September 1 Monday
2026 September 1 Tuesday
2027 September 1 Wednesday