Conjoined twins from Pakistan separated after 55-hour-long surgery in London

Conjoined twins from Pakistan separated after 55-hour-long surgery in London

After a miraculous 55-hour-long surgery has now separated twin sisters from Pakistan by separating heads that were conjoined by birth.

2-year-old twins, Safa and Marwa Ullah have been separated through surgery who were conjoined by the head as they were a born craniopagus twin which is a rare condition that affects babies skulls fuse.

Since October the twins have undergone over 50 hours of surgery and their final operation completed in Feb at the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

The pictures of the two sisters separated with their parents were shared by the hospital and Children’s Charity’s Facebook page.

Sharing the happy news with the readers, they wrote Four operations, 55 hours of operating time – and a fond farewell! After 9 months of care, the twins and their family left GOSH on 1 July. Safa and Marwa have a long road ahead, with many challenges – but we are hopeful they will be able to live active happy lives!”

The hospital website revealed that the twin’s babies were born on January 2017 and they were Craniopagus kind of twins. They further mentioned that after consultation with their doctors in Pakistan, the hospital welcomed them to Bumblebee Ward in autumn 2018 and then a four stage-four month separation process was set.

The treatment involved “multiple specialties across the hospital  from craniofacial, neurology and psychology experts, to nurses, radiologists, and physiotherapists.”

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