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Current govt can’t blame us for everything bad that happens: Pilot

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The Young Makers conclave organised by ShethePeople.TV in association with Newsd as digital partner, was attended by Rajasthan Pradesh Congress chief, Sachin Pilot. Deliberating on the topic, “The Story of Political Life”, he said that Indian politics is desperately in need of young faces who are eager to create a dynamic impact in the current dismal state of affairs. Pilot highlighted the politicians’ struggle as they remain in constant public glare and cannot afford to “let down our hair even for a while.”

Speaking on the importance of youth in politics, Pilot attributed the rise of social media as the force behind the awakening as he remarked, “the youth of India is more aware than ever.” While sharing various anecdotes, he shared his own experiences of witnessing the technology revolution in the remotest areas and the need for more “young blood” to improve on the areas of education, caste divide and misguided information that the youth of india faces. “Technology is all about responsibility,” he said.

“The youth of India needs to realise that this is the best time for participation,” Pilot emphasised as he spoke about the culture of democracy and the legacy of “good practices” that has been provided in India since the last 70 years. “Our youth must realise that we gave universal adult franchise in India when the world said that it was not possible for us to do so. Everyone said that being such a heterogeneous society divided along the lines of caste, creed, colour, religion and most of our population being uneducated, voting and democracy will be a chaotic idea, and we proved them wrong. Chaos is good for democracy and this has been the reason that despite being a newly independent nation, the military does not have supreme powers as compared to other nations in the vicinity,” Pilot said.

Without taking names, he took an indirect jibe at the government and said that for the past two years, mudslinging and acrimony have entered politics and the focus has shifted to a more individualistic approach. “I won’t take any names but the current government must realise that if they take credit for all the good deeds done by the previous government like Mars Mission, they must face the flak for the inflation and each problem that they face. They can’t just blame us for everything bad that happens.”


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