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Demonetisation – A Political Success

By Newsd
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Demonetisation - A Political Success
Source: NDTV

Everyone has been going round and round in circles, quoting one economist or the other to either prove demonetisation was a success or a monumental failure. Many of us do not realize that we do not need any economist to prove whether demonetisation was a goalpost changing disaster or a runaway success.

Now, with RTI revealing that our PM went ahead to announce demonetisation without approval from RBI, do we still have any doubt about his style of bypassing any and every system in the country?

Political Stuntman

From where I see, as a laymen, neither an economist, nor a political pundit, it was purely to showcase the ‘Political Stuntman ship’ of a single person without paying much heed to the value of planning for such a huge step where one person (looks so) simply decided to shuffle the economy like one shuffles the cards stack at the time of start of each game, to ridicule world’s largest democracy at every possible level and create or to reinforce a facade of a Superhero, one man army.

And best part was and is – ‘Political Hero Worshiping’, which is interestingly so high n blinding that educated ones in India and abroad find ‘Relief in Grief’ of others, thinking everyone who suffered was either a terrorist or black money hoarder or from the opposition political party.

Funny part is whoever was or is happy with this monumental rejigging, had different reasons to be happy or smile from ear to ear. And those smiles did not mind passing through few (that is still debatable, but what is the point in debating it) wet, dry, blank n shocked eyes.

Wish this super heroic stunt was done with meticulous planning when RBI specifically pointed out that the backbone of black economy is in gold n real estate and not in cash. But then how our hero would have been called Superhero n live up to his every n now then new jumla, this time it’s #ModiHaiToMumkinHai or actually #NamumkinBhiMumkinHai.

As an optimist, I could see a silver line to the black (for few, again that is debatable) cloud, if there were any, due to this political stunt. Therefore, one takeaway is that ‘if the current political community in the country really wants to do something, they definitely are capable to do anything, provided they want to do.’ So, now we all know our #SuperHero is capable to bypass every norm, process & system and can do anything on which he sets out his heart n mind. So, whoever is close to him and can put word in his ear/ mind/ heart, just guide him in right direction and ingrain the value of planning and respect for system in him.
I am very sure that PM Narendra Modi, our superhero has immensely talented think tanks to guide him. And in turn, his teams trust in his capabilities must have been reinforced beyond any scope of doubt in this lifetime, should also return the favor to him duly.

Our very Own ‘Nayak’, with a twist

Stars had twinkled in my eyes while watching Anil Kapoor starrer, ‘Nayak’ movie back in my teens. There was similar sentiment in the country, when PM Narendra Modi had announced the historic demonetisation, which gave real time fodder to both his fans and critics in bulk. As he had announced this historic move in his style – on one hand, his fans went gaga over his will and intent to change the fate of this country with his magic wand. On the other hand, demonetisation critics shared truckloads of criticism, highlighting various theories and shortcomings.

And In all this chaos, which gains momentum and loses steam over regular intervals since 08,Nov 2018, many of us might miss a very serious yet notable thing that these politicians are capable to do anything, if they intend to do.

Serious Concerns

They are two actually. One arises when our politicians running the show in the system decides to override it for their political convenience. And citizens of the country get divided for and against the move making government equivalent to nation. This is actually very disturbing and unhealthy for the democracy. We need to build our arguments rationally, involve concerned agencies to answer them. We need to be vigilant to voice our concerns at the proper platform as we might never know when this service provider of the system can take the country for an unplanned ride and is even not ready to take questions and answer them gracefully.

Secondly, there is an increasing number of people and agencies in power n position, who can ask pertinent and tough questions and insist our politicians in the system to acknowledge and answer those questions not just with political will but also display sportsman spirit to improve each day and moment. But that is not happening; instead many are playing to the disguised, distasteful, divisive narrative set by them.

From 2016 November to March 2019, it took more than two years for someone to file an RTI and get the fact out of the mole hill that PM did not have the required ‘formal’ approval from the country’s central banking system, RBI. Not a single official in RBI or any media house had the courage to bring this information in public domain or ask for the required approval or road map for the execution respectively.

We have a huge task ahead of us, we, countrymen have to fight hard to protect our right to question. For any political outfit to get elected to form government in 2019 should seriously internalize #JawabDogeyToMumkinHai.

Then, demonetisation might not just go down in history as a political stunt Only.

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