Did Sara Ali Khan's possessiveness drive a wedge between her and Sushant Singh Rajput?
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Did Sara Ali Khan’s possessiveness drive a wedge between her and Sushant Singh Rajput?

Though they were not spotted together on any dinner dates or whatsoever, rumor mills were abuzz about how Sara Ali Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput were dating. The Kedarnath co-stars apparently went to great extents to hide their blossoming romance from the prying eyes of the media. Of late, Sushant Singh Rajput deleted all his Insta posts and apparently unfollowed Sara Ali Khan on Instagram, talk started of how trouble had cropped up in their relationship.

A leading website reports that the rumored lovebirds have had a major fight and are in no mood to patch up right now. A source told the portal, “Sara and Sushant were very fond of each other, maybe it was too good that it won’t last. The fights were only minor disagreements in the past and one felt that they would beat the low tide, but of late their differences acquired loud overtones. Things finally came to a sorry pass when they suddenly stopped talking to each other. Who knows, they might kiss and make up— but for now, it’s really bad. And, neither of the two is even trying to take the first step and mend the broken bridge.”

It seems the root cause behind their recurring disagreements was Sara’s over-possessive streak. It seems she tried to keep too many tabs on Sushant, which led to cracks in their relationship. There were reports of how he would drop her daily at the gym parking his car away from the eyes of the media. Sara had apparently cut her Dehradun trip short to ring in Sushant’s birthday that fell on January 21. She landed up at his place with a cake.

It seems after his split with rumored girlfriend, Kriti Sanon, he had deleted all his posts from Instagram. The actor again deleting his posts a month back has further fuelled the speculations.

Sara Ali Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput to make their relationship official?

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