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Earth Day 2019: Revolutionize the climate with these alarming facts

Here are some most intriguing and alarming facts about the Earth which have been learnt since last Earth Day

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Earth Day 2019: Revolutionize the climate with these alarming facts

This Earth Day, April 22 has brought the need for attention towards the ailment of our planet as day after day the condition of the world’s environment is deteriorating. When on the one side disastrous global emissions kept destroying our mother nature, other side new voices are rising to bring the fresh waves of revolution. This leads to an absolute time to panic in order to shape our earth with extensive changes.

Here are some most intriguing and alarming facts about the Earth which have been learnt since last Earth Day:

Today’s young generation is facing terrible climatic future: Teens under the age group of 18 are truly shaken up with current climatic conditions. The present trajectory situation will later on warmth the planet by 4 degrees Celsius by 2100 which would wreck the world with disasters like droughts, disease, and food shortages. Earlier in last month, students across 120 countries went on strike in order to demand strict action on climate change. The revolutionary strikes have become the part of youth-led climate activism movement.

Increasing plastic in the environment: Every year immense amount of plastic have been found in several water bodies which simply led to disturbing the aquatic life of sea animals. This huge mountain of non-biodegradable waste flow into the ocean, where it breaks down into small pieces and accumulates in all the sea creatures. Out of such a gigantic amount, only 9 per cent of the plastic could be recycled and even that tiny fraction is now under alarming threat.

 Life is much heavier than what we thought: Have you ever thought about the average mass of all the animals and plants on earth? Maybe not, but some brilliant scientist conducts fantastic research on it as they have calculated that even the smallest creature on earth contains the greatest weight. For instance, the mass of single bacteria is 1,100 times more than the mass of all humans put together. But the matter of the fact is that human activities like poaching, deforestation and others have dramatically reduced the mass of life on Earth.

Frogs are croaking from awful fungus: Frogs are those sentinel species which are sensitive to various changes in their environment, like temperature, rainfall and habitat loss. These kinds of species play a crucial role as predators as well as prey in their habitats. Reportedly, this year total of 90 frog species have been extinct due to uneven climatic changes and forced another 124 to decline by more than 90 per cent.

Wildlife is disappearing, appearing, and evolving right in front of us: In wildlife where several of species have been disappearing, thousands of new one have been discovered which emerged as a reminder that we still have chances to evolve all the nuances of life on earth, even as we unwittingly extinguish it. Perhaps this could be even more difficult if the environmental conditions won’t change as sea turtles are experiencing a dramatic change in their sex ratios after a steep increase in the temperature. As species respond to the rapid changes causing in their environments, we are witnessing new hybrid emerge.

 Just over a decade left for global warming passes us by: According to the world’s best scientists only a few decades have been left to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. The only solution to the get rid of from this disastrous situation is to cut global greenhouse gas emissions in half compared to where they are now by 2030. We should have to reach at zero emission rates by 2050 and even have to start decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere only then we can hit out our decided goals. Otherwise, the window closes to 1.5 degrees Celsius and we will lock ourselves into more warmth atmosphere.

It is the high time for us to wake up and adopt small intriguing steps to contemplate the complexity which we have created adversely. We have to set strong precedents on which our future generation could stand easily and for this, we have to turn down the problems like increasing global emissions, rising sea levels and many more into a permanent solution.

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