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Elon Musk’s SpaceX files another lawsuit against the US federal government

SpaceX on Friday, May 17, filed a lawsuit against the United States’ federal government apparently protesting a contract bidding process The actual details of the suit remain unknown as the organisation has asked the court to keep the proceedings under seal.

“In support of this motion, SpaceX states that the Bid Protest Complaint and accompanying exhibits contain SpaceX confidential and proprietary information and source selection information not appropriate for release to the public,” the motion read, as shared by GeekWire.

This isn’t the first time SpaceX has filed a bid protest against the federal government, earlier in 2014 the organisation had sued the government over the Air Force’s decision to order 36 rocket cores from United Launch Alliance – a joint venture involving Lockheed Martin and Boeing, at the time.

The company also sued NASA recently after an interplanetary mission to the asteroids around Jupiter was awarded to United Launch Alliance. In both instances, SpaceX argued that the missions could have been launched at a significantly lower cost to the American taxpayer.

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