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Factory worker gets his detached hand replanted in miraculous surgery in Manesar

By Radha Mishra
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Amit Kumar, a daily labourer from Ghaziabad, believed that he would never be able to use his hand again after he met with a severe accident while working in a factory in Manesar, Haryana. The 27-year-old man was severally bleeding as his hand got entirely detached at the level of wrist (transcarpal amputation) while he was cutting aluminum using a sharp cutting machine.

The conditions would have scared anyone, especially when you are young, married with two kids and have your entire life ahead of you. But luck was on his side. An hour-long miraculous surgery, which is not very common as of now, performed the miracle that the patient would appreciate all his life.

A team of excellent doctors at the VPS Rockland Hospital – the first multi super specialty hospital located in the industrial township of Manesar, replanted his hand in an intensive operation. The entire team, patient’s family and the man himself find the operation nothing less than incredible.

“I am very thankful to my fate and to the expert doctors at VPS Rockland hospital who did their best and managed to replant my hand in the same position. Post the surgery, I need to regularly visit the hospital for consultations, medication, and physiotherapy.  These sessions have indeed helped me in regaining strength and achieving proper hand movement. I cannot be completely dependent on my left hand for day-to-day work, but getting my hand back after such a major accident is a miracle for me. I sincerely wish to thank the team of doctors at Rockland hospital, who managed to save my hand, giving me a new lease of life,” said Amit.

“The accident happened in August last year. I was cutting the aluminum for making cases when I suddenly cut my hand. I went to Rockland hospital and met a doctor who said my hand can be replanted. It took months for the surgery. My hand recovered by 70 per cent now and the doctors said it will be completely fine with the time,” added the father of two.

During the crucial operation, the doctors first stabilized the hand with the help of wires.  Subsequently, a repair of the vessels was done to provide the blood flow to the tissues followed by repair of tendons and then all the common digital nerves. The surgery took almost nine hours and ended successfully with the team of doctors saving the hand of the patient and replanting it back.

“Patient’s vessels were repaired immediately to provide blood flow to tissues. It was followed by repair of tendons and common digital nerves of each finger. The patient was kept under supervision for four days and then discharged,” said Dr Pradeep Kumar, head plastic surgeon, VPS Rockland Hospital, Manesar.

On being asked, if the hand feels as before, Amit said, “Yes, (to) a large extent. But slight problem is still there.”